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Green Hydrogen, the fuel of the future?

“Towards Clean Energy” series of events, will take place LIVE ONLINE on April 22, from 10:30 to 13:00, on the IdeaEventsCF Facebook page.

Dynamic and high-caliber: the online world premiere of the Audi e-tron GT

World premiere of the Audi etron GT: Celebration of Progress With an energized driving demonstration and a world premiere featuring high-caliber...

Europe’s Luxurious French Restaurants

The 2021 Michelin Guide’s ‘Most Luxurious and Delightful’ Places To Dine in Europe Peer through the...


Bentley Motors delivers 11,206 extraordinary cars in 2020Despite production shutdown and global lockdown, Bentley sells more than ever in 101-year...


Next-Generation Fleet Continues To Expand With Additional Certification Validations Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced it has delivered the first Gulfstream G600™ certified...

Cherish the old. Embrace the new.

Santa Claus swaps his old sleigh for the Audi e-tron GT concept. He’s not the only one at the start of a new era.

VW ID.3 1st Max – or the pleasure to drive an electric car

When someone wants to underline that simplicity and clarity lead to best results, it use a saying: less is more... If someone would ask me...

Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales For The Sophisticated Beauty Lover

Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers will be coveted by the reader who loves Rome and is an aficionado of the Bvlgari style.

Porsche and Siemens Energy, with partners, advance climate-neutral eFuels development

Porsche, Siemens Energy and a lineup of international companies are developing and implementing a pilot project in Chile that is expected to yield the world’s...

Initiatives in real estate that put Romania on the world map

Initiatives in real estate that put Romania on the world map, presented at “Sustainable buildings, A step into the future” event The...

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