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bluegr Hotels & Resorts: Greece’s Pinnacle of Sustainable Luxury

Bathed in the golden warmth of Greece — from the captivating terrains of Crete to Athens’ historical richness, down to the untouched sands of Rhodes — is an enclave where luxury seamlessly melds with sustainability: the realm of bluegr Hotels & Resorts

As you step into any bluegr property, you’re not just checking into a hotel but embarking on a journey where every element reflects a commitment to top-tier quality, authentic experiences, and profound respect for the environment. Their properties, each a masterpiece, are meticulously designed around three foundational pillars of world-class tourism: awe-inspiring locations, unparalleled service, and genuine experiences enriched by eco-conscious practices. 

Crete — a fusion of history and sublime beauty — hosts three of bluegr’s celebrated resorts. Minimalist and design-led Minos Beach art hotel offers an unparalleled fusion of waterfront serenity. Adults-only sanctuary Minos Palace hotel & suites wrapped in 360° sea panoramas. Candia Park Village, designed for authentic Cretan experiences for families. Further, the Life Gallery in Athens stands as a peaceful haven where nature’s majesty intertwines with contemporary flair.

A Vision Realized 

Under the insightful leadership of Ms. Gina Mamidakis, bluegr Hotels & Resorts has gracefully merged unparalleled hospitality with staunch environmentalism. Their creed, both simple and deep, asserts that premier luxury hospitality can, and indeed must, be delivered with responsibility — a commitment they uphold with pride. 

At bluegr Hotels and Resorts, they believe that sustainable vacations are the gold standard for experiencing unparalleled hospitality, elite services, inventive cuisine, captivating environments, and a rich tapestry of local traditions and customs. 

More Than Just a Stay 

At bluegr, guests are immersed in more than just unrivaled service and enchanting vistas. It’s a lifestyle. Local isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a revered principle. Their “We Do Local” certification speaks volumes. From select wines and dishes to organic cosmetics, everything at bluegr is a testament to Greek excellence. 

By predominantly employing local talent, guests are offered a genuine immersion into Grecian culture and tradition. It’s a heartening realization, knowing that one’s stay enriches the very community it delights in. 

Crafting a Green Legacy  For bluegr, sustainability isn’t secondary — it’s the bedrock. Their forward-thinking eco-ethos shines through in endeavors ranging from judicious waste management to water conservation and sustainable construction. This commitment to the environment has not gone unnoticed; they’ve been recognized as the recipient of the International Sustainable Award for bluegr’s unwavering commitment to integrating sustainability within its business strategy and day-to-day activities. 

They’re not just trailblazers for the present, but visionaries for future generations, proving that their dedication to the planet aligns with global standards of excellence. 


A sojourn at bluegr Hotels and Resorts transcends mere accommodation — it’s a cherished encounter, a sublime blend of opulence, heritage, and eco-consciousness. As you relish sunsets and genuine experiences, you partake in a legacy — a tribute to the past, a toast to the present, and a pact for a sustainable morrow. Embark on this unforgettable expedition.  

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