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Studio MK27’s Maldivian Marvel: A New Benchmark in Luxury Resort Architecture

Secluded in the exotic realms of the Maldives lies a sanctuary that re-invents luxury resort architecture. Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, a masterpiece designed by the globally acclaimed Studio MK27, has set an unprecedented benchmark, melding unparalleled architectural innovation with sustainable luxury.

For the unacquainted, Studio MK27, under the visionary leadership of Marcio Kogan, has continually challenged conventional architectural boundaries. Boasting a litany of awards and a rich history of projects, the studio’s approach to design is both nuanced and visionary. Patina Maldives is the newest testament to their legacy, honored with the Best Luxury Resort Architecture award by the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

At the core of the project is a profound understanding and appreciation of its surroundings. The resort is a manifestation of a dream, where one is enveloped by the vastness of the infinite blues, the majestic wildlife, and the open embrace of the skies. This is a place where architectural lines elegantly weave into the horizon, ensuring a seamless visual journey. Every structure speaks volumes without overshadowing the raw beauty of the landscape. The design focuses on creating visual permeability, melting and dematerializing structures, placing humans and life at the epicenter of the experience.

The Symbiosis of Design and Nature

Nestled in nature’s embrace, the hotel on this island epitomizes organic beauty and luxurious serenity. Sculpted by the island’s natural undulations, verdant landscapes blanket the vast expanse, with beaches and nature trails subtly replacing any signs of human touch. A solitary timbered pathway elegantly organizes the space, leading guests towards the heart of the island – with the main building, villas to one side, and the enchanting spa, vibrant village, and beach club to the other.

Upon arrival, an enchanting trek awaits, promising unexpected delights and hidden gems every step of the way. Within a brisk 15-minute walk from the central edifice, the island’s myriad beaches beckon, while sunset joggers can encircle the entire island in a breathtaking 5 km run. The spa stands as a sanctuary within, ensconced by the sky’s vast expanse and the island’s lush foliage. Whether in floating chambers or within its core, each massage room promises captivating vistas.

Venture to the Village, and the ambiance shifts to vivaciousness and charm. With structures seamlessly merging into the sandy backdrop, it’s here that the line between indoor and outdoor blurs, creating an engaging social hub for mingling, shopping, or prepping for an aquatic adventure.

From the intimate solitude of private villas to the bustling vibrancy of community spaces, the hotel offers an exhilarating spectrum of experiences. It weaves a tapestry of contrasts, balancing moments of tranquil reflection with bursts of spirited vitality. Above all, it’s a sanctuary where guests can connect – with nature’s raw beauty, unparalleled luxury, and most importantly, one another.

The resort’s design, conceptualized and brought to life by the distinguished Studio MK27, unequivocally respects and celebrates the island’s natural bounty. The project showcases a brilliant synergy between design and nature by preserving the island’s vegetation and seamlessly integrating architectural elements. The overarching goal was to create an environment where guests could experience profound romance, deep connection with nature, and spirited social encounters.

The Collaborative Essence

Studio MK27’s involvement in the project is a holistic testament to their multifaceted design prowess, stretching from the foundational architecture to the nuanced elements of interiors and even the intricate details of furniture design. At the helm of the interior design was Director Diana Radomysler, whose aesthetic sensibilities and meticulous attention to detail brought forth interiors that resonate with elegance and functionality. Architect Renata Furlanetto, alongside Marcio Kogan, masterfully shaped the architectural narrative, intertwining contemporary design elements with the unique essence of the location. But the project’s brilliance didn’t stop there. Landscape designer Vladimir Djurovic lent his seasoned expertise, infusing the surroundings with an organic beauty that effortlessly complements the architectural marvels. Each of these talented individuals brought their unique vision and skills to the table, culminating in a project that stands as a symphony of collaborative excellence.

Sustainability: The Heartbeat of the Project

In a world battling climate change, it is commendable how the resort offers opulence and embarks on sustainable practices. With its zero-waste kitchens, recycling of marine plastic, and an unyielding commitment to energy-positive operations, it stands as a beacon of eco-responsible luxury. Their ambitious goals span from marine plastic pollution solutions to coral propagation projects, redefining marine conservation standards in the Maldives.

The resort’s association with Swimsol, the leading solar panel provider in the Maldives, and its initiatives like the 100% solar-powered kids’ club, recreation, and dive centers, exemplify its dedication to sustainability. The Footprints’ Fab Lab, where kids transform recycled ocean plastic into 3D models, is a testament to the resort’s commitment to creating a greener tomorrow.

Collaborations with organizations such as the Olive Ridley Project further underline the resort’s endeavors to protect marine life. The plight of the sea turtles, often trapped in ghost nets or consuming harmful plastic, is addressed head-on with rehabilitation efforts and awareness campaigns.

Studio MK27: Beyond Architecture

Studio MK27, under the visionary leadership of Marcio Kogan, has been a force to reckon with in the architectural world. Kogan’s awards, ranging from being an honorary member of the AIA to his position on the board of several renowned museums, highlight the studio’s prominence on a global scale. The cohesive team of architects, driven by their admiration for Brazilian modernism, seeks to reimagine and perpetuate this iconic movement.

With over 250 awards and recognitions, including their representation of Brazil at the 2012 Venice Biennale and the forthcoming Expo Osaka in 2025, Studio MK27 has solidified its position at the pinnacle of architectural excellence.


Studio MK27’s masterpiece in the Maldives stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, intricacy, and sustainability. This haven is more than just a destination; it’s a canvas painted with stories at every turn, an orchestration of nature and design that waltzes together in perfect synchrony, and a reimagining of luxury that transcends the conventional. The resort stands not just as a monumental structure, but as a vivid experience, a mesmerizing voyage, and the epitome of architectural dreams brought to life. Furthermore, the accolade from the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards stands as a resounding endorsement of the project’s unparalleled brilliance, further solidifying Studio MK27’s position as a leading light in the world of modern architecture.

If you’re in the hospitality business aiming to create landmarks and offer experiences that guests will cherish for a lifetime, partnering with Studio MK27 is the answer. Their Maldivian gem serves not just as a testament to their prowess but also as an inspiration for hoteliers globally, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in resort architecture. Join hands with Studio MK27, and let’s craft the future of luxury hospitality together.

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