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Indulge Your Senses: Announcing the TOP 100 Restaurants for 2023 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Welcome to a culinary journey like no other. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present to you the TOP 100 Restaurants of the World for the year 2023, celebrated by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

This exclusive selection is more than just a list; it’s a global odyssey into the realms of culinary mastery and gastronomic excellence.

The TOP 100 represents the epitome of luxury dining, bringing together the most worthy, reliable, and trusted representatives of the luxury restaurant industry from around the globe. Each establishment on this list has been meticulously chosen for its exceptional standards in cuisine, service, ambience, and innovation. These are the places where culinary art meets sophistication, where each dish tells a story of tradition, creativity, and passion.

This edition is not only an acknowledgment of excellence but also a tribute to those chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, and entire teams behind the scenes who strive daily to provide unforgettable dining experiences. Their relentless pursuit of perfection and commitment to the highest standards of hospitality are what earned them a spot among the elite.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards has always been a benchmark for luxury and quality. With the TOP 100 Restaurants of the World, they aim to celebrate and honour those who set the bar in the world of gastronomic indulgence. Whether you are a culinary enthusiast, a seasoned gourmand, or someone seeking the next exceptional dining experience, this TOP 100 list is your gateway to exploring the finest that the world of luxury dining has to offer.

As you explore the TOP 100 restaurants on the list, you will begin a journey to various corners of the world – from the vibrant streets of metropolitan cities to serene destinations with breathtaking landscapes. You will encounter a diverse range of culinary experiences, spanning from traditional to cutting-edge, with each restaurant offering a unique adventure for your taste buds and spirit.

Embark on the list below and let your senses savor the epitome of culinary excellence:

  1. 1621 Restaurant, Colombia
  2. 3 Merchants Restaurant, Laos
  3. 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  4. Addison, USA
  5. Alpine Excellence, Switzerland
  6. Aponiente, Spain
  7. Azzurro Restaurant, Saudi Arabia
  8. Barranco – The best of Nikkie at Hyatt Regency Cairo West, Egypt
  9. Beirut Sur Mer, UAE
  10. Bella Restaurant & Lounge, UAE
  11. Beyond Restaurant, South Africa
  12. Big Fish Restaurant & Bar, Thailand
  13. Bob Bob Ricard City, United Kingdom
  14. Brach Paris Le Restaurant, France
  15. Buddha-Bar Marrakech, Morocco
  16. Burnt Ends, Singapore
  17. Canova Restaurant by Sadler, Italy
  18. Caprice – Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  19. Celele, Colombia
  20. Clico, South Africa
  21. COYA Abu Dhabi, UAE
  22. da YVONNE Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana, Germany
  23. Dewakan Restaurant, Singapore
  24. Dvorec Zemono, Slovenia
  25. El Chato Restaurant, Colombia
  26. Eleven Madison Park, USA
  27. Epicure, France
  28. Fait Maison, South Korea
  29. Fauna Restaurant, Mexico
  30. Folly, UAE
  31. Four Plates Restaurant, Vietnam
  32. Fyn, South Africa
  33. Gaggan Anand, Thailand
  34. Grand Beirut Al Qana, UAE
  35. Grand Pavilion, South Africa
  36. Hacklewood Restaurant, South Africa
  37. Handshake Speakeasy, Mexico
  38. Harry’s Cancun, Mexico
  39. Hub Food Art & Lounge by Pullman, Brazil
  40. Il Bocconcino by Royal Hideaway, Spain
  41. JAN, France
  42. Karma Kafe by Buddha-Bar, UAE
  43. Kazoku Egypt, Egypt
  44. Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, UK
  45. Kinoya, UAE
  46. Kiree, Thailand
  47. Kochi, USA
  48. La Cour des Lions, Morocco
  49. La table d’Eva, Seychelles
  50. La Table du Chateau, Mauritius
  51. LASARTE Restaurant, Spain
  52. Le Grand, Costa Rica
  53. Le Petit Nice, France
  54. Les Amis, Singapore
  55. Lolla Restaurant, Singapore
  56. L’OSIER, Japan
  57. LOWE, UAE
  58. Lux Lucis, Italy
  59. Mai Restaurant & Bar, Thailand
  60. Malva Restaurant, Turkey
  61. Mambo Restaurant, Belize
  62. Man Fu Yuan, Singapore
  63. Mariposa, Korea
  64. Masque, India
  65. MERE Restaurant, UK
  66. Mlýnec, Czech Republic
  67. Montecito Bar & Restaurant, France
  68. Nagai, Spain
  69. Nihonryori RyuGin, Japan
  70. NV-80 Grill & Bar, South Africa
  71. Ossiano, UAE
  72. Peach Blossoms, Singapore
  73. Ponti’s Ristorante, China
  74. Potong Restaurant, Thailand
  75. Quintonil, Mexico
  76. Raclette Brasserie & Café, UAE
  77. Restaurante Azurmendi, Spain
  78. Rutz, Germany
  79. Sachi Heliopolis – Cairo, Egypt
  80. Saison, USA
  81. Sakana house, Saudi Arabia
  82. Seven Corners Restaurant, Philippines
  83. Shogun Japanese Restaurant, Egypt
  84. Sublime, Guatemala
  85. Sublimotion, Spain
  86. Sud 777, Mexico
  87. Taian Table, China
  88. Tamoka, UAE
  89. TANG Asian Luxury Restaurant & Bar, South Africa
  90. Thai Square, UK
  91. The Allium, Thailand
  92. The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma, Spain
  93. The Spot at The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro
  94. The Table, India
  95. Three Sixty Doha, Qatar
  96. Tribute Restaurant by Apogee, South Africa
  97. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, China
  98. Vic’s Restaurante, Makau
  99. Villa Maya, India
  100. Wing Restaurant, Hong Kong

Enjoy your gastronomic adventure!

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