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United Medical Group Celebrates Recognition as Best Luxury International Private Hospital Group in Cyprus

United Medical Group (UMG), a leading name in world-class medical care, has been bestowed with the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury International Private Hospital Group in Cyprus.

This remarkable achievement comes as a result of an exhaustive research process that recognized UMG‘s impeccable reputation and unparalleled professional performance in the healthcare industry.

UMG emerges as a prominent international multidisciplinary medical services provider, operating offices in Cyprus, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries, and Gibraltar (Overseas Medical Centers). With an impressive range of medical offerings across more than 57 specialities, UMG prides itself on its state-of-the-art facilities at various clinics.

UMG has assembled a unique team of over 850 doctors from the USA, Europe, Israel, CIS, and MEA regions, united in their commitment to providing excellent patient care. The hallmark of UMG’s success lies in its emphasis on teamwork, leveraging diverse expertise to achieve outstanding treatment outcomes, even in the most complex cases.

At the core of UMG’s approach is the adherence to current American and European treatment protocols, ensuring patients have access to the latest and most advanced medical procedures without the need to travel abroad.

“Winning Best Luxury International Private Hospital Group in Cyprus by Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team at United Medical Group,” said Igor Shilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UMG. “We remain committed to providing our patients with the finest medical services, blending luxury and comfort with world-class healthcare.”

As UMG continues to elevate the standards of luxury healthcare, patients from around the globe can experience unrivaled medical services at their state-of-the-art facilities in the EMEA Region.

About United Medical Group:

United Medical Group (UMG) is a distinguished provider of luxury healthcare services, renowned for its world-class medical care and exceptional patient experience. With a commitment to innovation, eco-friendly healthcare solutions, and excellence, UMG has emerged as a global private hospital industry leader. Their cutting-edge facilities and highly qualified medical professionals ensure that patients receive the finest medical treatment in an environment of luxury and comfort.

For more information about United Medical Group and its wide range of medical services, please visit UMG remains dedicated to providing top-tier healthcare and supporting patients throughout their health journey.

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