I find inspiration in every single person that comes into my life!” – an interview with Alexandru Bodi

R.M. Crypto, real estate, hotels, investments, sports…Who is Alexandru Bodi? Tell us more about yourself, please.

On my day to day life, I try to combine the education with a healthy lifestyle, so in every move I make I think discipline and perseverance are very important! I’m in the crypto world since 2017, and since then I became partner in a huge company, that has developed a big platform for all the people around the world,with a lots of benefits, investments, and also with a lot of activities! 

Speaking about real estate, as you know, this might be a very important and profitable business. I try to manage the best for the future, and I’m focused now on the Dubai real estate market. Here, in Romania, I own a big hotel and also a little old castle, and I’m preparing, for each of them, some very interesting surprises.

R.M. What’s the key to success in your opinion?

A.B. In my opinion the key to success is being ambitious, disciplined and perseverent. When I have a dream, I always like to pursue it, until it becomes reality. It might take some time, but I never give up!

R.M. I know that you want to open a blockchain academy in Romania, tell us more about it, please.

A.B. I see a constant growing interest regarding this field, everyone is “hungry” to work with crypto, and learn about it. One of my future plans is to open a Crypto Academy on blockchain, where people will learn first, and then use their knowledge to trade and win money. Will be something different, my idea is to create a community, to train the members, offer them safety and knowledge, and then, we will charge a membership fee,no one will pay nothing in advance. 

R.M. Who or what inspires you in life, do you have a role model?

A.B. Honestly, I don’t have a role model, I don’t see anyone who could necessarily be my guide. I find inspiration in every single person who comes into my life, it could represent a lesson, a test or a blessing! I like those people that create their own world, their own destiny, and they did it alone, from scratch. This is what I call success and strength!

R. M. You are passionate about sports and body health, and you are dedicating a lot of time and energy to it. I know that you have even created a line of products in this respect, can you please share with us more about it?

A.B. Over all, I live a very active life, that’s why I’m also addicted to sports! I see sports as a state of mind, where I can relax and also train both mentally and physically my body for the daily activities and challenges. That’s what I’ve created a natural supplements line, made only from plants. It’s called Alpha Lion Booster, and was created in our Regenswiss Pharma laboratories, based in Switzerland, a company where I am a shareholder. The product is a booster for Testosterone and also a nootropic, increasing the power, energy and mind focus!

R.M. What are you passioned about, and what keeps you motivated?

A.B. Being involved in all the above projects, and seeing the results, keeps me very motivated, and also makes me very ambitious, making me to want more!

Quick questions:

R.M. What’s your favourite car?

A.B. I am a huge Lamborghini fan,  so my favourite car is Aventador SVJ.

R.M. Top 3 world destinations?

A.B. Fiji, Bora Bora and Hawaii

R.M. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?

A.B. Anthony Hopkins or Robert De Niro, my favourite actors