Myazū Restaurant Creates a Magical Culinary World of Tradition and Trends

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a smoky, angry volcano and a sweet, lonely sea were struck by love at first sight. Hundreds of years later, their explosive passion gave birth to the most magical and fertile place on earth: a land where all species lived in harmony with exquisite plants and lush vegetation. The place was called Myazū. This magical story tells the tale of the lavish restaurant, exquisite in design and in contemporary cuisine, where East meets West. Myazū justly won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2022. 

At Myazū, their clientele is regarded as esteemed guests that honour their home. They’re invited to enjoy world-class Japanese cuisine subtly adapted to the local palate whilst preserving the traditional oriental serving style. Guests can enjoy each other’s company in a comfortable and luxurious environment, while savouring food is made with the highest quality ingredients from across the globe. The Myazū experience is driven by a great passion that the creators have, and that passion can be felt in every detail of the design and the mesmerizing food.  

The food created by the master executive chefs is simply exquisite. It is colourful, intense with flavour and textures and is an art in itself. The remarkable, memorable culinary cuisine is rooted in Japanese culture, blended with the most sophisticated international cuisine influences. Their talented chefs dream up modern dishes using traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients. Guests are invited to bask in the luxurious atmosphere, while enjoying fine dining in chic surroundings, carefully crafted to create a harmonious balance between smoky, sweet, spicy and vibrant flavors. 

Myazū’s interior is the vision of Japanese design legend, Noriyoshi Muramatsu. The contemporary restaurants, based in Riyadh, Jeddah, and in Al-Ula, are designed out of a desire to bring to life a unique setting where comfort, functionality, and design meet to enhance every guest’s experience. Guests are invited to enter the world of Myazū – an opulent world that inspires a creative lifestyle – ‘a land of plenty.’ This world combines trendy architecture and exclusive Japanese cuisine. 

Special dishes created for this summer season includes salmon katsu – salmon fillet cubes in panko, ginger salsa with aji panca dressing, as well as hamachi tataki – seared hamachi, wasabi onion salsa, avocado seasoned puree with aji panca dressing. To combat the thirst during the desert summer, they also have a melon kyuri mocktail, which includes melon, cucumber, mint, lime and peach soda on rocks. This, to name only a few! 

The MYAZŪ menu is divided in three main headings – “The Collection”, which consists of the food items, “The Flowing Collection”, which consists of the cocktail and beverage choices and “The Sweet Collection”, listing all the delectable desserts.  

The menu caters for even the fussiest of eaters, covering most dietary restrictions with a host of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options 

Some of their guests’ favourite meals include crispy short ribs, smoked eel maki and salmon tataki. Another signature favourite is the black cod and tiger prawn pan-fried gyoza with yuzu truffle dressing. Sushi and maki are beautifully presented and equally tasty, while the Chilean Sea Bass with spiced Peruvian rice often steals the show. If you are craving meat, the selection of different grade Wagyu steaks, grilled to perfection on the Robata is not to be missed!

Also soon, Myazū will introduce the Omakase experience to be the first in Saudi Arabia to have a multicourse Japanese set menu composed of refined dishes delicately tailored and crafted by a team of culinary masterminds to provide you a luxurious and distinctive tasting experience that leads you to enjoy perfection. 

Myazū offers a butler catering service for small groups, bringing the Myazū experience to the comfort of your venue of choice. 

The Myazū Music Label was created to express an intricate fusion of senses. The music is intended to create an unparalleled atmosphere that allows guests to live an enjoyable, extravagant fine-dining experience. Myazū is pleased to be the first dining establishment in Saudi Arabia to have their very own music record label, exclusive to Myazū tracks to date. Not only do they have curated music selections and originally produced music, but they also have resident DJs and talented instrumentalists, adding music seamlessly into their culture. The Myazū Music Label includes weekly live DJ sessions, a monthly podcast and Myazū original productions.  

Visit this award-winning restaurant’s website at https://www.Myazū.com/ to learn more. 

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