Modern lifestyle art company Lancia Designs was founded by celebrated artist, designer and curator Lancia Soans in 2010.

At the time, Lancia’s vision was to create a place of elegance that the elite business and corporate executive could turn to for exquisitely designed luxury modern art, and curated tailored luxury gifts. Today, everything about Lancia Designs is focused on ensuring clients live a polished lifestyle. 

Over the years Lancia has established Lancia Designs as an exclusive brand for timeless and distinguished products, such as the finest heritage brands Bentley and Faber-Castell. Indeed, Lancia Designs has now caught the attention of Luxury Lifestyle Awards who recently crowned Lancia Designs winner in the category Best Luxury Modern Art in North America 2021 in recognition of its bespoke art services.  

Through stunning pieces of modern art created for high-end residential and commercial properties as well as the extraordinary tailored gifts provided for the sophisticated business executives that Lancia Designs consults for, it is clear to see that this art and design company understands class.

Lancia’s  distinctive art and gifts have found their way into the hands and homes of high-end luxury real estate professionals, corporate executives and dedicated patrons of the arts at private events. 

Having worked in corporate America before establishing Lancia Designs, Lancia Soans understands very well the needs of high net worth and wealthy clients. She understands keenly the psychology behind corporate interior décor and the importance of healthy client relationships, which both her art and gifting offerings speak to. 

Lancia Soans has been an entrepreneur for over a decade, although her first experience at being an entrepreneur was when she was selected by Bank of America overseas to explore the possibility of extending the bank offering from corporate banking services to retail banking. She later moved to New Zealand, Canada and has now made her home in the U.S. Here, she worked at CGI Inc., an IT Consulting company, as an assistant to the Vice President of Global Public Sector Marketing. After several years of success in a corporate environment, she made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue her desire to create something of her own.

“Transitioning from a corporate environment to entrepreneurship created a path for me to continue to engage with executives in a creative and insightful manner,” explains Lancia.      

Lancia’s passion for art, design and all things creative stems from her childhood. She was raised by a mother who fashioned sophisticated handmade bags and tailored embroidery. Certainly, the exposure to beautiful products, and being able to witness the process of creation and production, led Lancia Soans to find her own identity as an artist. Today, she can say with confidence and ease that “I love what I create”. 

She goes on to say that her art and craft “occupies both spaces of work and hobby; I cannot find where one ends and the other begins”. One thing that sets Lancia Soans apart is that she is passionate about bridging old values while creating a path into modern art and design.   

Her passion for art and design her to attend the International Academy of Design in Toronto, Canada. In addition to honing her skills in art and design, Lancia pursued to extend her new media knowledge into multimedia, when she joined Corporate Communications Interactive (CCI), in Toronto as a multimedia developer, where she developed online simulation products for Microsoft Office. Lancia Soans also has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and she attended Florida Atlantic University where she studied Journalism and Communication. Lancia is a contributing author of the book America’s Leading Ladies

Her work through Lancia Designs is guided and inspired by her personal values of gratitude, respect, style, grace and charm. 

“Each work of art I create on metal and glass, or an extraordinary gift curated for our discerning clients is polished and refined like a bespoke suit, celebrating the values of authentic human emotional connection even in today’s highly digital and fast-paced world,” says Lancia Soans .

It is this passion for innovation and her warm demeanor, that has earned Lancia Designs loyal and devoted clients who consistently seek out Lancia for her expertise in luxury modern art and design.           . 

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