Individuals looking to purchase the finest property in Spain will not be disappointed by the outstanding service offered by Puurspanje, the leading real estate specialist in the Costa Calida region. Whether you are searching for a spectacular home, a marvellous villa or a contemporary apartment, the team at Puurspanje deliver a matchless offering that guarantees the utmost satisfaction. It is for this reason that Luxury Lifestyle Awards selected Puurspanje as a winner in the category Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Costa Calida, Spain.  

Puurspanje is a family business that has been in operation for 15 years, during which time they have cemented their credibility as real estate connoisseurs. The team at Puurspanje are all Dutch speaking, which has enabled them to build a strong base among Belgium nationals and other Dutch speakers. Despite this unique selling point, the brokerage continues to service a diverse range of property seekers be they in need of a private residence or an investment solution. 

Puurspanje’s primary region of operation is Costa Calida, a stunning 250 km stretch of Mediterranean coastline considered to be one of Spain’s finest. Costa Calida, otherwise known as Warm Coast, is a top destination for holidaymakers thanks to its mostly sunny weather. It is reported to enjoy roughly 320 days of sunshine a year – making it the perfect spot for fun and relaxing beach days! 

In addition, the team does a significant amount of business in the neighbouring region of Costa Blanca, which is also a favourite for both domestic and international tourists. Costa Blanca, or White Coast, is home to bustling towns such as Alicante and Denia, which offer plenty activity and a cooling seaside breeze – in other words, quintessential Mediterranean living! 

It is no wonder that homeowners would have such great interest in properties in these areas, and Puurspanje is eager to meet the demand! Everyone who works at the brokerage is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction. In fact, they take their commitment even further by promising to ensure that everyone who seeks their expertise finds the home of their dreams.  

To achieve this task, Puurspanje — which was a winner of the same title at last year’s Luxury Lifestyle Awards — strategically executes a five-step approach. Their approach includes the creation of a unique profile with the exact requirements and preferences of a customer to ensures that the brokerage can identify and source property options that meet the exact specifications stated.  

Another step in their tried-and-tested approach is visitation of identified properties as accompanied by a Puurspanje expert. To date, Puurspanje enjoys an 85% hit rate of properties purchased after the first visit, indicating the great effort the team puts into selecting the most suitable properties. 

To finalise the purchase and complete the sale with as much ease as possible, Puurspanje takes care to provide all the assistance buyers need, including legal counsel, interior décor and insurance advice. It is precisely for this comprehensive and well-thought-out service that Puurspanje is the industry leader it is.  

The brokerage has an outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction, which they ensure by paying attention to all details and applying a highly personalised view of each buyer. For high net worth clients purchasing property in the luxury market, this is a key requirement, which explains why Puurspanje has enjoyed such success over the years. The firm is going from strength to strength in every way! 

The specialists at Puurspanje pride themselves on knowing every property worth knowing about – and they are happy to advise their clients on the most suitable purchases for a quality lifestyle. Their properties typically boast the finest designs, elegant finishes, world-class security, and wonderful views.  

In addition to their real estate excellence, the firm is an active member of the communities wherein it operates. Specifically, Puurspanje proudly sponsors sporting teams and events, and they regularly make contributions to charitable organisations in need, including Artsen zonder Grenzen (also known as Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders) and KWF Kankerbestrijding, which funds cancer research and supports patients.  

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