BELLEVUE 74 by MERYN + Partner Bauträger GmbH: Luxury Residence in the Suburbs of Vienna as Your Perfect Self-Reward

When you live your life to a high standard, when every day is marked by new victories and achievements, you can afford the reward you deserve. You can afford to live in the most picturesque neighborhood in one of the world’s most charming cities. You can afford the luxurious experience of living in the new unique residence BELLEVUE 74 developed by MERYN + Partner Bauträger GmbH, recent winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Austria. Choose true luxury and enjoy it with all your senses.

MERYN + Partner Bauträger GmbH is a real estate development company that brings together experts from various areas of real estate management. Several decades of experience and innovation allow the company to develop and implement the most effective solutions, thanks to which MERYN + Partner has been among the industry leaders for many years. Being fully at the side of its clients, the company applies its vast experience and attention to detail to provide them with their new perfect home. The kind of home that BELLEVUE 74 will be for its future residents.

BELLEVUE 74 is located in the heart of Döbling, Vienna’s 19th district. It is a suburb of the great metropolis, which does not prevent it from being quite close to the city center. Since the 19th century, Döbling has been considered one of Vienna’s most exclusive and attractive residential areas, which many top managers and diplomats choose to live in. The district is located on a slope at the foot of which the Danube and the Danube Canal flow. The entire area is a delight to the eyes and ears. The lush vegetation that shelters the picturesque Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg mountains is in harmony with the traditional rustic buildings and architectural objects that have protected landmark status.

BELLEVUE 74 is a high-class property, lying on a hill and surrounded by the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) and vineyards. It offers two modern villas with nine residential apartments ranging from 50 to 250 square meters and one family villa with more than 430 square meters of living space. Thanks to the advantageous location and meticulous design, the villas offer stunning panoramic views of the vineyards and the city’s rooftops.

The architects of BELLEVUE 74, Ernst Tschabuschnig and Christian Mandler have succeeded in creating a project that fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape and takes maximum advantage of its privileged location. The refined modern architectural aesthetic of the buildings is emphasized by high-quality materials, attention to the smallest details, and the competent use of glass, light, and natural elements, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness of the living spaces.

Buyers of apartments at BELLEVUE 74 have the opportunity to customize the interior design of their new home to suit their taste, lifestyle, and functional requirements. During the study, the expert committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards noted the wide range of additional services that MERYN + Partner Bauträger GmbH has prepared for future residents of the villas. They include high ceilings up to 2.90 m, top-to-bottom wood-aluminum windows and doors with triple glazing, video intercom and alarm system, resistance class 3 apartment entrance doors with integrated magnetic contacts for the alarm system, and much more. An exclusive concierge service offers courier services, housekeeping, pet-sitting, car management, driving services for children, and much more to make the lives of BELLEVUE 74 residents as comfortable and carefree as possible.

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