The architectural landscape in Uruguay changed in 2004 when a unique new practice was created in Montevideo.

Over the ensuing 15 years this innovative company has taken on projects across the diverse fields of urban planning and industrial interior and architecture design in the recreational, retail, office, housing, business and multi-family and family residence markets.

These multi-faceted developments have been constructed in India, Sri Lanka, the UAE and across many countries in the South American region with a range of projects currently underway in Argentina and Uruguay. 

Ponce de Leon Architects pride themselves in always striving to deliver an environmentally friendly strategy with their strong belief in the integration of architecture and sustainability in every design.

To achieve this they focus on championing sustainable construction based on resource efficient and ecological principles to minimize non-renewable resource consumption and eliminate or minimize toxic emissions. Their goal is to incorporate green principles in all of the stages of design. 

The company is committed to their ongoing project collaborations with their many highly talented in-house architects as well as specialist outside consultants.

These organized partnerships contribute to the delivery of exceptional projects always completed to the highest of standards. This is also achieved by the company’s dedication to working closely with every client, creating strong interactive relationships to benefit all parties involved in every project.  

Ponce de Leon Architects have created and are working on an impressive portfolio of properties. An example of one of their stand-out projects is the innovative ZEN Pueblo Jardín located on a wooded lot at the North of the residential Carrasco neighbourhood in Montevideo. This sustainable housing complex creates a sense of community and openness through design and landscape architecture.  

They have also been responsible for creating the sophisticated and futuristic Montevideo Audi flagship store, Audi Zentrum. Their design concept was to customise the international Audi template to suit local Carrasco conditions while still retaining its strong corporate identity which the construction of the striking building has achieved.  

This admirable dedication to sustainability, excellence in design principles and the highest standards of collaboration with partners and clientele alike has resulted in the establishment of a highly regarded architectural firm who are responsible for producing exceptional projects around the world. So it’s not a surprise that Ponce de Leon Architects have been selected by the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Architect Studio in Uruguay 2021

About Luxury Lifestyle Awards 

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