“Dressing is a form of art, it’s the best way to express yourself“, says Răzvan Simion, host of the morning show Neatza with Răzvan and Dani, and for 10 years presenter of the XFactor show, whom responded to CONSIGLIERI‘s challenge to wear a collection of outfits designed especially for him, for the fall of 2021.

Passionate about the timeless clothing style, the tailoring elegance with a contemporary twist, the masculine cuts with a personal touch, Răzvan speaks about his clothing style: “Cloths can tell a story. I like to express myself through what I wear, so every morning I create a clothing story. However, there is a certain pattern that I follow when I dress, meaning I embrace the Italian Sprezzatura style, translated into looking effortless stylish.

My style is a mix of Sprezzatura in Chopin night tones, with Traviata accents! ”, says the presenter, who imagined his look for this fall using the complete solution proposed by CONSIGLIERI: unique, high quality products, made according to personal needs, adapted to the requirements of the formal, business wardrobe, but also with a smart-casual twist.

“Does anyone else remember the Romanian saying: The job is the gold bracelet? Today’s times belong to the craftsmen. Our society is a very demanding one, is well documented, and, especialy for the niche products, the competitivity is high and updating continuously”, says Răzvan. He believes that the key elements in every men’s wardrobe are: a jacket, with rigorous tailored cuts, a good pair of shoes (the pièce de résistance of any men’s outfit ), accessories and last, but not least, the attitude.
“The experience of private tailoring is a refined act of creation that begins with a moment of introspection, continues with a Mood Board, and it turns into an act of creation, that is the final outfit”, adds Răzvan. His favorite piece from the Sprezzatura collection, made by CONSIGLIERI, is the white suit, the quintessence of elegance.

The photo session took place in the beautiful setting of Milan, one of the fashion capital of the world, and focused on the key elements that defines a contemporary men’s wardrobe, but also captured the Italian mood, which the TV presenter embraces in everyday life, when it comes to aesthetics and lifestyle.

“Because I appreciate beauty in all its forms, I have to mention that the architectural style of the CONSIGLIERI’s showroom, located in Aleea Alexandru no. 7, gave a special flavor to our conversation, and to the experience itself. My personal experience with CONSIGLIERI started with a discussion about myself, with one of their specialists, who managed, in the end, to beautifully match my personality with my outfits. This certainly explains why they choose their name, meaning they are excellent fashion counsellors.”

Răzvan Simion admits that he likes to “nurture his intellect” reading about the history of fashion, discovering stories behind the brands, and finding elements that he can integrate in his style. “I managed to create my own style that shows who I am, and what I think. I am happy and thankful that, due to a good genetic background, I can wear just about anything I want.

I think one of the secrets of my success is authenticity. Freedom of spirit is a kind of inner driver, that allows me to feel the same, but different in the same time “, says Răzvan who believes that any man should know the ABC of fashion style!