Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN): Commitment to Excellence in Every Detail of Interior

While looking at the interior design projects of Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN), it becomes obvious that poetry can be embodied in different forms without losing the content. Highly artistic and creative spaces created by the studio’s team have not only high aesthetic value but also provide the highest level of comfort and improve people’s lives. Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, in each project, there is room for dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of what should be the ideal interior design. Therefore, BTW DESIGN’s victory in Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Guangdong was quite predictable and totally deserved.

The international design organization Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN) was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong. The founder of the company is Beatles Chu, an experienced designer and planner with a keen artistic sense and creativity. Mr. Chu was educated in the Department of Environmental Art at the Jilin Institute of the Arts.

After several years as a design director, he founded his own company, which allowed him to realize his ideas and vision. The results of Mr. Beatles Chu’s work can be seen in various projects realized not only in Hong Kong but also in other regions of China. His projects cover such diverse areas as urban planning, landscape planning, museums, large multifunctional commercial spaces, cultural institutions, and educational facilities.

Beatles Chu has been able to bring together a team of highly skilled design professionals with a solid foundation in fine arts, urban planning, commercial construction, landscape design, furniture design, and other fields. It allows BTW DESIGN to provide a full range of services related to the development and implementation of architectural and interior design projects.

The long list of works carried out by Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN) includes a variety of projects, including large-scale urban complex projects, luxury hotels, real estate development, luxury clubs, office buildings, and high-end residential properties.

BTW DESIGN’s specialists have all the competencies needed to implement a project from start to finish. They carefully read the client’s requirements, develop a unique design, ensure the effective implementation of the project, deal with the procurement, monitor the conduct of work, control their quality and adherence to deadlines.

Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. creates exquisite interior designs, including the integration of decorative materials and furniture. The company offers customized solutions in terms of furniture and lighting. Through direct cooperation with manufacturers, BTW DESIGN provides bespoke offerings that exquisitely accentuate and complement the overall character of interior design. In addition, the manufacturers provide a comprehensive guarantee on the products used in BTW DESIGN projects.

Along with aesthetic and functional factors, one of the most important requirements for architectural and interior design specialists BTW DESIGN consider compliance with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, the design and implementation of each project are carried out in accordance with generally accepted approaches to sustainability and environmental sensitivity.

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