DM Interior Design Pte Ltd has provided its design expertise to execute modern, contemporary and luxury design within residential, commercial and hospitality settings. This year the team were recognised for their creative expertise, seeing them win Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore and Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for ‘Pop Futurism Karaoke Club’ in Singapore by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards team. The LLA experts were impressed with their variety of sectors and the ability to incorporate high-end, luxury elements throughout.

The team have specialised in providing thoughtful, ground-breaking interior design services throughout Singapore and have a plethora of stunning portfolio projects that showcase their prowess in creating engaging spaces that are sympathetic to their end-use. It’s this ability to diversify their offering and come to each client brief with an open and proactive attitude that have won long-standing relationships with many of their clients.

Founded in 2016 by talented interior designer Wang Linfeng, a strong ethos of creating passion through interior design has been instilled in the whole team and runs through the foundation of the company. Wang graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where his love for interiors and architecture proved the deciding factor when founding DM Interior Design Pte Ltd. Since the company started operating, it has had exponential growth and has evolved to include some of the most exciting talents and proficiencies that help create that one-stop-shop appeal for many of the team’s clients.

This includes a dedicated project manager to oversee the whole project and to make sure that budgets and timescales are adhered to. Alongside Wang on the design side, Vincent Chen operates as Chief Designer, working closely with the client and Wang to source prized interior elements from a select black book of connections. In addition to the management team, two designers and admin teams keep the momentum going.

Understanding subtle and subliminal ways to enforce branding within interior design has seen the team scoop several key projects within the retail and corporate sector. This includes a luxury car showroom where public areas are finished with high-end surfacing and incorporated the companies branding through clever use of colour accents. This same mature understanding is used within the multiple office projects the team have undertaken. The ability to understand and react to individual preference is evident in exemplary projects such as the grand scale Palace project. Throughout this sprawling residence, the team were employed to inject that luxury edge through sourcing fabrics, art and interior while mixing floors and ceiling finishes within marble, bronze and exotic woods.

The project that caught the eye of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards team was for the team’s extensive work on the Pop Futurism Karaoke Club. Asia is often seen as the home of karaoke, and they have finely ‘tuned’ this offering to a harmonious activity that a group and individuals can pelt out their favourite songs (some successfully and others scoring more for enthusiasm, rather than musical prowess).

With the opening of Pop Futurism Karaoke Club, the clients wanted to make sure that the site enticed both young and seasoned singers while providing a high-end finish that would match their target clientele. The owners wanted a mix of contemporary street icons, comic themes and stylised elements that combine to create an avant-garde, pop culture inspired appeal.

Stepping in to visualise the clients brief, the DM Interior Design Pte Ltd team used their skills and envious black book connections to create individual karaoke rooms along with choreographed public areas. This involved creating feature lighting that offers practicality while providing a way of adding individuality and dynamics in a darkened environment. Artwork was carefully chosen to match individual rooms, giving them a focal point and visual identity.

Along with the visual elements, the DM Interior Design Pte Ltd team had to incorporate a range of technical elements such as cameras, audiovisual and multi-media screens. This seamless interaction between design and practicality is a recurring theme throughout the teams work and highlights their prowess at creating imaginative spaces that help their clients create an engaging space within a competitive market.