Luxury comes in many forms and has no ready-made standard solutions. Individual dreams of comfort, beauty, and functionality, brought to perfection, go far beyond basic needs. But they allow you to experience hedonistic lifestyles as an ideal form of interaction between your vision with the distinct and creative approach of professionals who are able to put them into execution. And when it comes to architecture and design, such professionals are Studioforma, this year’s Multiple Winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the categories of The Best Luxury Architect Studio in Switzerland and The Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware for “PAM chair ” in Switzerland.

The story of the premium architecture company Studioforma began in 2002 when two young architects, Alex Leuzinger and his former business partner, became business partners and founded their own globally operating architecture and design studio. Both of them received their professional education at the prestigious Swiss university for science and technology ETH Zurich. During their productive collaboration, the partners built a team of top professionals and created an impressive portfolio of architecture, retail interior, and furniture design projects.

Several years later, Alex Leuzinger bought out his business partner’s share and became the sole owner of Studioforma. Today, he and his team continue to successfully develop the company, confirming its leading status in the field of luxury architecture and design in Switzerland and worldwide. For nearly 20 years, this team of passionate and experienced architects, interior architects, planners, and designers has taken a holistic approach to create spaces and objects that perfectly meet the needs of the company’s affluent clients.

Studioforma’s extensive experience includes innovative architectural projects (design and construction of buildings from scratch, restoration of existing buildings, reconstruction of facades, expansion of buildings, preservation of historic buildings), interior design, development of spaces for retail (including concepts for famous luxury brands Swarovski, Hugo Boss, Hublot, etc.). When working on each project, the Studioforma team puts the client’s vision at the forefront. Taking the client’s wishes as a basis, the company creates and shapes properties and objects that meet the highest standards of precision and perfection, but the main criterion remains the client’s ultimate satisfaction with the result.

The company’s DESIGNLAB is a workspace where the boldest creative ideas for creating products that combine technological innovation and craftsmanship are embodied. The list of DESIGNLAB’s works includes projects on the creation of designer lighting devices, household items, headphones, and furniture.

One of Studioforma’s most outstanding projects was the PAM chair, a piece of furniture developed in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Meroni & Colzani and presented at Milan Design Week 2016. The PAM chair was highly acclaimed by the design industry and received high praise from the expert committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The collection includes handmade wooden tubular chairs, armchairs, chaise longue, and sofas imitating the structure of a palm leaf. Made of oak, the pieces are characterized by their impeccable finish and slender, feminine silhouette. The PAM chairs have a curved, organic shape, with the seat and back merging seamlessly into one. The chair creates a sense of relaxation and well-being and is the perfect solution for luxury residential spaces, modern restaurants, and tropical hotels.

About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

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