Designing Buildings That Stand Out — Wolf Reicht Architects

Some buildings are created to be practical, others — to please the eye, but only a few can shape a community’s character, form its identity and become a true landmark for both residents and tourists.

This is exactly the story with works from Wolf Reicht Architects, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Austria.

Starting out as a passion project of a highly educated and experienced professional Wolfgang Reicht, the Wolf Reicht Architects company became a real dream team’s hub.

Today, an interdisciplinary group of highly skilled professionals is united by a holistic idea of designing a world that is bright, unique and full of character. They know that no detail is too small, because, just like in nature, multiplicity of simple interactions leads to complex systems in architecture as well.

The eminent experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards had never heard about the “efficient aesthetics” concept before they started learning about Wolf Reicht Architects, but it turned out to be simply genius.

Iconic buildings are born from inspiration, which, for its part, comes from hybrid and flexible designs. Exterior and interior details fuse together to create a synergetic effect. From the first sketch to the ribbon-cutting — the process is like a symphony, where technology and emotion are combined.

For this to happen, the architect has to fully understand the client and vice versa.

Wolfgang Reicht is famous for his vision and the ability to create added value for a building by making it distinctive.

With his company’s projects, the message is always clear at first sight, creating an emotional and intellectual imprint. Thanks to that, metropolises are becoming less alike, individual boroughs have their unique landmarks, and people get one more reason to smile when they look around.

Until recently, Wolf Reicht’s projects were mainly located in India and China.

However, European cities are also starting to drown in endless kilometers of anonymity, with lookalike districts popping up here and there.

This, combined with the rising urge of Chinese investors to expand to Europe, is opening new markets for Wolf Reicht Architects, including Austria — their homeland. Several projects, both individual and large-scale, were already completed or commenced there.

In architecture, just like with everything in life, things have to be done wholeheartedly to turn out well. Only in this case will the buildings tell stories, inspire people to chase their own dreams and earn the title of “iconic”.

In fact, if buildings could actually become rock stars, the works by Wolf Reicht Architects would definitely be the first ones in the line.

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