Global Luxury Real Estate Is An Artform Mastered by Some

High-end luxury property owners as well as buyers of such prestigious private estates require something extra when it comes to servicing their real estate needs. Discretion, efficiency, expert legal counsel and of course, pristine property options in global hotspots are a must. The likes of which, Hammond International Properties, is identified as being the ultimate go-to professional in this market segment. So much so, they’ve recently been awarded The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Canada, 2021, by the highly acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The company was founded 28 years ago by Jerry Hammond, with the purpose of creating a dynamic marketing and referral platform for luxury homeowners. They connect distinguished clientele, and provide access to prime real estate and luxury homes on the market. Significant business development support is given to their agents, being pivotal to their overall success.

Their online functionality gives homeowners instant access to available properties within their respective lifestyle interests, property type and search criteria, making it easy to get to what you’re after. Pairing the right buyer with the right seller within the global luxury property market is their expertise.

After almost three decades in business, their name is renown and synonymous with high-nett-worth property transactions. Enlisting a prestigious property for sale with them will instantly set it apart, as buyers recognise the superlative standards that Hammond are all about. Sellers can be rest assured that their portfolio will be promoted to qualified buyers through a world-class marketing effort. Their sale strategies include global, national and local audience targeting, making sure your property gets in front of the right people, no matter where in the world they are.

Marketing luxury properties is an art and a science combined, and it takes careful consideration, evaluation, presentation and closing techniques.

These niche skills are what Hammon Properties International focuses on with a deep commitment to seeing through the desired outcome.

Their signature approach is in recognising that your home is a unique luxury brand. They set about to get to the essence of what your property is all about, and masterfully narrating that story in its marketing presentation. This strategy aligns with the latest neuro-marketing methodologies, as it connects with clients on an emotional level. This means your property is memorable, distinctive and desirable – a winning sales combination.

Otherwise described as their ‘white glove’ marketing service, here is a breakdown of the different stages: –

Stage 1: Market Intelligence and Value Assessment Report

A thorough market analysis is performed, whereby the recent sale figures of properties within your local neighborhood and specs are captured. This supports a realistic and professional valuation of your property.

Stage 2: Complimentary Exterior and Interior Design Report

Prior to publishing your listing, a complete aesthetic review of your property is conducted. This home styling service ensures your property is optimized for maximum saleability.

Stage 3: Communicating the Brand

After developing your property’s luxury brand, we start putting together the marketing components, positioning your home favorably amongst its biggest competitors. Their exclusive marketing strategies are evidently proven to be the most effective and powerful in communicating their message, which include social and digital platforms.

Stage 4: Presenting the Brand

To align with your property’s luxury brand, the Hammond International Properties Associates are professionally presented in sophisticated attire. They display discretion, composure and strong ethics in the marketing of your home.

Stage 5: White-Glove Responsiveness

This relates to the service homeowners receive – and they remain available by call, SMS or email to assist you. Should they be unable to respond immediately, they commit to doing so within one hour from making contact (during operating hours).

Stage 6: Delivery Of Your Home To The Buyer

Once the new home is ready to be lived in, Hammond International Properties will arrange a comprehensive cleaning service for both the interior and exterior of the property, ensuring immaculate standards are maintained. This is an entirely complimentary service, and even includes mowing of the lawn and turning the garden beds.

A most fitting accolade from the Luxury Lifestyle AwardsHammond International Properties is indeed The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Canada!