What does the future hold for the car industry? We invite you to find out Porsche’s perspective, in our interview with Adrian Pascu, Managing Director Porsche Brand.

R.M. In the last years, automotive industry continue to making the shift from fuel to electric, and the trend is to eliminate, in the next decade, the polluting vehicles.

What is Porsche strategy in this direction, and what makes Porsche different from other competitors, when it comes to electrification?

Adrian Pascu Porsche is investing heavily in electrifying its model range. At the moment, we have 3 hybrid engines on the Panamera and two on the Cayenne.

Also, the Taycan model is fully electric, and Porsche will soon present a new version of it, namely the Taycan CUV.

Also, according to the latest interviews of Porsche board members, the next generation of the Macan will be electric.

However, petrol models will not be forgotten either. Let’s remember that, in an interview, Ferry Porsche made a famous statement: “The last car built will be a sports car.”

R.M. Porsche is known, first and foremost,  as a sport car builder, with focus on dynamic driving. Can sport cars be sustainable as well, can electric go hand in hand with power?

Adrian Pascu Porsche set out (and succeeded) in making sports cars, regardless of the segment it entered. And the best proof is the Taycan model. An electric model with a supercar DNA.

I think this model is the perfect answer to the question. Yes, you can build electric cars that deliver not only power, but also performance and, last but not least, emotions.

R.M. For sport cars buyers, one of the key elements is the sound, the noise they can hear and feel when they turn the engine on….will this feeling be lost for someone buying an electric Porsche?

Adrian Pascu Memorable experiences occur when impulses are delivered to as many receptors as possible, thus creating positive sensations and emotions.

In a sports car, impulses “tickle” all our senses, and sound is important. The slogan under which the Taycan model was launched is “Soul Electrified” and rightly so, this model managing to bring the emotions delivered by a thoroughbred athlete into the relatively dull world of electric cars.

The same can be said about sound. It certainly does not and never will have the impact of the sound of a naturally aspirated engine when it reaches maximum revs, however, it has its own specific sound.

Although I’m a fan of naturally aspirated engines, I can say that the sound of the Taycan has something I like. Really… a lot.

R.M. To ensure a full e-driving experience, Porsche prepared a portfolio of solutions that satisfy every need. Can you please tell us about the charging solutions Porsche is offering to its clients?

Adrian Pascu For customers who want to purchase a Taycan model, we can check their home electrical installation through our partner. Following this verification, we recommend the client the suitable station for his/her needs.

We are also developing a network of “Destination Porsche” partners for the top locations that our customers visit frequently (hotels, spas, restaurants, etc.). So far we have four such locations (Hotel Vega Mamaia, Hotel Teleferic Poiana Brasov, Hotel Hilton Sibiu and Pescariu Sports & Spa), and for this year we plan to open at least four more locations.

The Taycan model is the first series model offered on the 800 V architecture. This new technology allows not only for consistently high performance, but also for a more efficient battery charging in a much shorter time.

R.M. Porsche features hybrid models in its range, as well. Will hybrid cars have a future, in your opinion?

Adrian Pascu Hybrid models are a necessary step towards the future.

They help the traditional car industry to better understand the needs of future customers, implementing new technologies, but also benefiting from the support of the huge experience acquired so far.

Many people say that even electric cars are just a step towards other technologies. The future will certainly clear up these dilemmas.

R. M. What’s the profile of your future customer?

Adrian Pascu There is already a migration of customers’ desire from “having” to “experiencing”.

In other words, customers increasingly want to “enjoy” unique experiences. The world is in a process of accelerated change.

People’s needs are also changing. What is clear is that the need for mobility will remain extremely important.

If we look at this need, in addition to the desire to experience unique sensations and add the fascination for the brand, I can say that Porsche is in a privileged position.

R.M. Few months ago, I had the chance to drive the gorgeous Taycan Turbo, and it was a wonderful experience. The Porsche Taycan has been labelled as the ‘world’s most innovative car’. What are the unique capabilities of the vehicle that makes it gain this reputation?

Adrian Pascu I will not go into technical details. I have already mentioned the 800V architecture. The great merit of Taycan is that it showed even to the fiercest opponents of electric engines, that the EVs have a future. That they can deliver sports performance, emotions, technology, comfort, safety, design, all in an environmentally friendly package.

R.M. What’s next for Porsche, maybe any plans to build other model that can surpass Taycan?

Adrian Pascu Porsche certainly does not lack ideas and projects. An iconic model, the 911 GT3, has just been announced. A new body variant for Taycan has also been announced recently. The year is just beginning and Porsche has a few more aces up its sleeve.

Credit Photos: Porsche.