The e-tron Sportback, is one of the most comfortable electric vehicles on the market today, very quiet inside the cabin, with an adaptive air suspension  that delivers a sophisticated and stable ride on a variety of road surfaces.

It’s the SUV like body style that is designed to appeal more to style-conscious buyers,  it has a great interior, plenty of tech and specs to match its gorgeous look. It looks sleeker than the regular e-tron, but has a little less rear-seat headroom and cargo capacity.

The e-tron Sportback 55 quattro it’s different from its sibling thanks to some alterations that provides him with a shapely profile, more heavily curved, coupé-like roofline and liftback-style, among the subtle changes, including more aggressively styled bumpers and headlights with new digital matrix LED technology.

The e-tron Sportback shares some exterior design elements with conventionally powered Audi models, but it’s among the most aerodynamically efficient series-production SUVs yet. thanks to it’s virtual exterior mirrors, which use a camera to project a live video feed on the forward part of the doors inside.

Inside, the dashboard, controls and trim materials are all premium in nature.The front seats are firm and supportive, providing  a pleasantly roomy and airy driving environment. Optional heated, ventilated and massage functions further expand that level of comfort. However, accommodation in the rear is compromised to the tune of 20 mm by that plunging roofline.

Another real strong point of the e-tron Sportback is its outstanding rolling refinement. Even at motorway,  suppression of road noise and resistance to wind buffeting are particularly good, making the driving very relaxing over long distances, especially in its more comfort-focused mode.

A further point of note is the outstanding feel of the e-tron Sportback’s brake pedal, which is among the best we’ve come across in an electric car of any kind.

Also, it’s navigation system is one of the best in-car systems with its satellite map displays, both on the center screen and within the driver’s instrument cluster. The 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system produces excellent sound quality, and smartphones are easy to connect thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the latter working wirelessly. USB charge ports are plentiful, and even the rear-seat ones can transmit data up front. The e-tron Sportback’s standard driver aids include mostly collision avoidance features.

The 55 e-tron Sportback is based on a modified version of the MLB Evo platform, housing  a  95 kWh lithium ion battery, 408hps/158 KW and it has a 450 km authonomy.

Referring to performance on the road, acceleration off the line is strong but far from being explosive in D. Selecting S instantly heightens the performance further, providing more responsive tip-in, noticeably stronger roll-on qualities and greater overall performance intensity.  Rolling acceleration is quite sharp, and the e-tron Sportback certainly feels quicker once all that torque is flowing freely to each wheel. Audi quotes as being able to sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.7 seconds (with boost mode activated) and it tops out at 200 km/h (124 mph).

With a more sporting shape, greater athleticism on more challenging roads, further improved refinement and a superb interior that continues to offer a good deal of everyday versatility, the e-tron Sportback sets a high standard among the electric SUV ranks.

Audi e-Tron Sportback 55 Quattro Technical Specifications

Engine                                 Electric

Power and torque          265kW, 561Nm (300kW, 664Nm in boost mode)

Transmission                     single-speed automatic

Drive type                          all-wheel drive (primarily rear-wheel drive)

Kerb weight                      2480kg

Boot volume                     615 litres in rear (seats down not listed), 60L in front

Turning circle                    12.2 metres

ANCAP safety rating      5 stars (tested 2019)

Warranty                            Vehicle: 3 years / unlimited km, Battery: 8 years / 160,000km

Motor count                     2 (one front, one rear)

Battery size                       95kWh

Driving range                     more than 400km

Charging time                    150kW fast charger: 30 minutes to 80%, 45 minutes to 100% / 11kW                                                     wall charger: 8.5 hours to 100%