The name of the lifestyle brand BoConcept carries the deep philosophy that has made the company world famous. The Danish word “bo” translates as “living”, alluding to the brand’s desire to help clients live an extraordinary life through self-expression. The brand achieves this through its concept of highly-customizable furniture for every room; and a comprehensive Interior Design Service. Today, clients use both to enhance homes in more than sixty-five countries around the world. And this year, BoConcept was recognized as the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Furniture and Homeware in Philippines.

The global success story of BoConcept began in the quiet Danish town of Herning in the region of Mid Jutland. Here, in 1952, two young cabinetmakers Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm established a small workshop and began making walnut and oak cupboards. The friends were driven by an ambition to introduce premium-quality Danish furniture to a broader audience, combining then innovative machines with traditional Danish craftsmanship. Their principles of simplicity, functionality, elegance and quality materials are still present in every BoConcept design.

The brand’s range of products steadily increased, as did its number of workers and facilities. However, the headquarters are still in the same location today, with most its wooden designs still being crafted in Denmark. Today, BoConcept is known and respected far beyond its homeland.

The brandis a world-famous trendsetter in the luxury furniture industry. And with more than 300 stores in 65 countries spanning six continents, BoConcept has become one of the most significant brands to have increased the appeal of Scandinavian design in far-reaching parts of the world.

The brand’s overriding principle, a perfect balance of form and function, is shared by the world-famous designers it partners with. Award-winners like Karim Rashid, Oki Sato (nendo) and Morten Georgsen all strive to make sofas, beds, storage and more not only beautiful but cleverly multifunctional. It is a design DNA that was present in BoConcept’s first products, almost 70 years ago.

BoConcept’s collection features a wide range of stylish and functional luxury products. And customers have a wonderful opportunity to visit the brand’s stores and experience the items before they buy. But the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts were excited to learn that BoConcept can also redesign the client’s room or entire home. The brand’s any-project-size Interior Design Service allows clients to tap into the knowledge of a professional in-house designer, who is ready to co-create the client’s dream space. The Interior Design Service is an ideal solution for those who want their home to reflect their personality and fit their lifestyle.

The first step in the process is a friendly face-to-face or virtual conversation between the client and their dedicated BoConcept Interior Designer. Together, they explore the client’s tastes, ideas and lifestyle demands. The next step is designing the client’s space, either through simple advice or a comprehensive home-visit service. Once the design matches the client’s budget, lifestyle and reflects their unique personality, BoConcept brings it to life. The result is a personalized space, shaped, colored, and lit to perfectly fit the individual. It is these elements that make BoConcept customers “Live Ekstraordinær.”

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