Cristiano Ronaldo’s Pestana CR7 Hoteks in Portugal will become hospitals where persons infected with the coronavirus will be treated, a report by Marca has revealed.

The makeshift medical facility will be in use from next week onwards and treated persons will not be charged for the services they receive.

Earlier this week, a report emerged that Ronaldo had refused to fly back to Italy and join his Juventus teammates having been granted the permission to visit his mother who suffered a stroke in Madeira last week.

This former Real Madrid star’s decision came as a result of the news confirming that his teammate Daniele Rugani had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Instead, the forward remained in self-isolation with his family in Portugal as he had shared a dressing room with the Italian international during last Sunday’s 2-0 win over Inter Milan.

Meanwhile, cases of coronavirus infection in Europe increase by the day, a development that has seen all sporting activities suspended until further notice.

In Portugal, all the top tier leagues have all been suspended indefinitely with the reported cases rising above 100 as at Saturday evening.

As part of the measures to tackle the pandemic in the country, Cristiano Ronaldo has given the permission for his luxurious chain of Pestana CR7 Hotels to serve the purpose of temporary hospitals where persons infected with the virus will be treated.

Per Marca‘s report, the treatment administered will be free of charge with all the bills taken care of by the Portuguese national team captain. The salaries of the doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff will also be paid by the football star.