Last year, Google moved into the historic Spruce Goose airplane hangar in LA.

The Spruce Goose was the largest wood plane ever built, and flew only once, in 1947.

Google restored the hangar into a 450,000-square-foot office and event space, preserving the original construction and adding to the interior, creating an unusual mix of old and new.

Google expanded its LA presence last year, repurposing a historic airplane hangar to create new office space, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

The hangar, which once held the famed Spruce Goose plane, as it was derisively called, has been out of use for years. The Spruce Goose was the largest wooden plane ever built, due to wartime shortages during World War II. It flew just once, for under a minute, in 1947. It was once owned by filmmaker and pilot Howard Hughes, who also helped design the plane.

Now, the hangar where the Spruce Goose was kept for over 30 years has a second life as Google’s LA office. Google worked with sustainable architecture firm ZGF to create a design that feels new and classic all at once.

The hangar that was once home to the Spruce Goose had been mostly unoccupied until Google took over and renovated the space.

In 2018, Google completed a total redesign of the 750-foot-long building.
It was once used as a soundstage for “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

Large windows along the sides, which were boarded up during the hangar’s soundstage days, were re-exposed. They flood the space with light.

The building’s spine was rebuilt with steel, then covered with the same refurbished wood panels.

26. Google Spruce Goose

The hangar is a historical landmark, so the Google renovation preserved the original look, but did add in four new floors.

15. Google Spruce Goose

Wood arches and siding were preserved and exposed in the interior of the space.

16. Google Spruce Goose

The office now has 450,000 square feet of usable space …

13. Google Spruce Goose

The building has offices, conference rooms, and event spaces …

14. Google Spruce Goose

…. Amenities including a fitness center, music room, and massage room …

24. Google Spruce Goose

… Plus food service on each floor.

7. Google Spruce Goose

ZGF said in a statement that it designed the building so that residents can see the unique structure of the hangar from any point inside.

10. Google Spruce Goose

Contemporary and classic design meet and complement each other within the space.

17. Google Spruce Goose

Offices are set back from the main atrium near the spine of the building, but glass walls still give a sense of the space.

20. Google Spruce Goose

The building also has variety in how space is used. Some areas have double- or triple-floor height …

18. Google Spruce Goose

… A juxtaposition that ensures that natural light reaches every area.

5. Google Spruce Goose

Skylights also bring in lots of light.

4. Google Spruce Goose

Offices and meeting spaces have a subtle theme that centers around flight, like Icarus — the hero of a Greek myth about a pair of wings — or Zephyr, a Greek god of wind. Other rooms have themes like confetti and kite.

25. Google Spruce Goose

A boardwalk twists along the perimeter of the building on an incline from the first to third floors.

23. Google Spruce Goose

Much of the furniture was custom-designed for the space …

11. Google Spruce Goose

… And the designers chose matte finishes and neutral tones to complement the original wood …

12. Google Spruce Goose

… Extra wood was even used to construct furniture, and the stairs carry the theme throughout as well.

6. Google Spruce Goose

Each area has also been designed acoustically, so that, despite all the open space, sounds from one area don’t carry over into the next.

8. Google Spruce Goose

Custom murals throughout the space take up wall real estate and break up the uniform wood.

22. Google Spruce Goose

Google commissioned artists to create original works based on “the hangar’s aviation history, Google’s innovative ethos, and the multi-faceted spirit of Los Angeles,” according to ZGF.

21. Google Spruce Goose