Another successful edition of Sustainable Mobility Forum, an event by Idea Events and Together for a Better Tomorrow Association, took place this year at J.W.Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest, and gathered together the top players involved in the sustainable mobility sector.

This year’s edition was about discovering new strategies and innovations in the alternative transport field, about learning from the best in industry and testing the latest mobility gadgets. Representatives of the companies with the highest involvement and visibility in the field of sustainable mobility, including: LIME, Wolf-E Rides, FlixBus, BMW, Pony Car, Hubject, Renovatio, Engie, presented their alternative transport solutions, and engaged in dialogue with representatives of the Romanian authorities and institutions dealing with the crisis of urban transport.

The conference started with a message from Mr. Laszlo Borbely, State Counsellor of the prime minister of Romania, underlining the fact that to talk about a sustainable future where e-mobility will be a part of our daily life, is imperative to firstly change people’s mind-set.

In the context of dealing with the citizen’s reluctance to change, the next two panels: “URBAN MOBILITY TALKS” and “MOBILITY AS A SERVICE”, invited the specialists to present their perspectives on how they have managed to revolutionize urban transport so far, by bringing to the market new transport alternatives. The panel talks generated the conclusion that close connection between communities and authorities of the country, and the common effort to reduce greenhouse emissions threatening humanity, will also constitute the base of the economic and social growth.

The conference ended with a panel of discussions dedicated to the creation and development of a sustainable transport ecosystem, by integrating all available resources, by optimally using the infrastructure and integrating state-of-the-art technology, to combat climate change.

The incredible line up of speakers managed to deliver their stories, reveal their challenges and shared their most valuable insights about the future and trends in transportation:

Nils DULLUM, CSO, Managing Director HUBJECT: “….I think we have to see a future for mobility services, especially electrification within the transport sector. Certainly, electrification is happening and is coming very quickly.”

Ionut ANGHEL, Volkswagen Sales Director: “For the next decade I see arising transport trends as being the development of the auto industry in the electric segment, a smart system of public transport and car-sharing.”

Stefan TOMA, WOLF-E Rides: “…..The trends for the next periods are obviously electrification, car-sharing and multimodal solutions.”

Stefan POPESCU, Deputy Director for Public&Regulatory Affairs ENGIE Romania: “While using an electric vehicle, the electricity used is produced by a polluting source. Therefore, we need to find a solution to produce clean energy.”

Laszlo ARANY, Regional Managing Director FLIXBUS: “We have to ensure that the electricity in an environment-friendly based. So, not in cola powerplants where there are still a lot of CO2 emissions.”

Oraan MARCULESCU, Founder Ecoprofit: “…. A shift from pay to own to pay to use.”

There is still a long way to go to achieve the goals, but private initiatives with the support of authorities seem to be the best way ahead, this is why we will continue and we invite you to be part of change, that will shape the future of mobility in Romania!

Please see here the after event movie, and join us at Sustainable Mobility Weeks 2019-2020, to cut carbon and grow life!