Esteworld Plastic Surgery Health Group, Istanbul, is offering hair transplants, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, medical cosmetics in four clinics.

Dr Servet Terziler, the CEO and Medical Director of the Group had the courtesy to offer us an interview about the beginnings, career and future plans.

What made you become a plastic surgeon versus any other surgical specialties? What is plastic surgery, in your opinion?

I decided to become a hair transplant and treatment specialist 15 years ago, when Esteworld entered into the process of branding in Turkey to become a world brand, and started to make great efforts accordingly. In 2004, I attended to the medical & cosmetic surgery certification program initiated by the Ministry of Health and, achieved to be qualified as a cosmetic surgeon. During this course, I have received comprehensive education in respect of hair treatments, facial rejuvenation, body cellulitis treatments and, whole body cosmetic operations. However, since it is important to become specialized on a specific area, I have mainly focused on hair transplant treatments. This was because I’ve seen a gap in this field in Turkey considering that there were just a few centers in Turkey specializing in hair treatment. In respect of the robotic hair transplant, I would not be wrong if I say the robotic hair transplant technology is the world’s most advanced technology available in the field of hair transplant. Since Esteworld is a leading brand in Turkey and Europe closely following the most recent innovations and trends in the world, we have decided to bring this robotic hair transplant technology to Esteworld, Turkey and, received comprehensive education from esteemed professors from the USA and, consequently, we have been serving to the people from all over the world for four years using the world’s most advanced hair transplant robot.

Your specialization is hair transplant. Tell us some words about robotic hair surgery, how is different from the common procedures?

What makes different this technology from other hair transplant techniques is that the robotic system allows us to collect hair follicles from the back of the neck with near-zero error since it sees the direction of the follicles under the skin thanks to its optic reader featuring a 1 to 10,000 zooming function. And during the canalizing procedure on the front area, it ensures that the specialist is able to visualize the area in 3D to calculate and plan the direction, angle, frequency and distribution of the hair at an architectural project speed, using the 3D program, so that the robot lets us to carry out hair transplant canalizing procedure with zero-error. As a matter of fact, the reason to develop this robot is to carry out hair transplant procedures with zero error eliminating human factors and, we are using this robot for this purpose.

What is your most requested cosmetic procedure in your clinic? What do you think is the reason behind that? Hair transplants and treatments are the most preferred operations carried out in our clinic. Because hair is considered to be the most important accessory for both men and women and, they want to have hair transplant if they have lost their hair, bring volume to their hair by means of hair treatments if it has been weakened, and they want vivid and shiny hair. Therefore, the hair transplant and treatment department is among the busiest departments in our clinic. People from all over the word mostly prefer our company for hair transplant because

Esteworld and other select hair centers in our country offer the world’s most quality hair transplant services for affordable prices and, people from all over the world flood into our country not to miss this great opportunity.

Are there any particular trends that you see taking place within the next few years within plastic and cosmetic surgery?

The trend in the field of plastic, cosmetic operations has started to shift into non-operative facial rejuvenation. About ten years ago, people used to prefer surgical face lifting procedures and, now a trend has started in this particular area and people are increasingly preferring organic facial rejuvenation techniques without any operation thanks to the new technologies that allow us to keep our patients’ faces young through the injections of some certain vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acids etc. and, I believe that this trend will continue. There has been an intense request by women for getting silicone implants, especially in the last ten years. And I believe that this will continue as getting silicone implants on their hips. Women prefer to have not only big and firm breasts hips but also attractive hips. And the cosmetic operations in the field of hip implants have started to be requested by women, especially in Europe such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well as Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Why are we looking for perfection? It’s a good thing?

Why do we want excellence? Is this something good? It is a human character to get more and better at all times. But is this valid for everyone? My answer is no. Some people starting from birth always want their bodies, friends, social lives, spouses, businesses to be better and the best to make the best of the world. And we are happy to serve these people under the brand Esteworld committing itself to provide the best solutions. Is this right? The concept of right and wrong may be philosophical, but it is worth discussing what is right and what is wrong. People want to love their bodies more and, seem more beautiful, we are helping them to fulfill their requests.

In the last years, we hear a lot about regenerative medicine, is this the future of plastic surgery? Regenerative Medicine seems like a new trend, is this the plastic surgery operation of the future? Regenerative Medicine may be defined as a way of treatment to regenerate cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues on the body due to aging such as sagging skins, wrinkled skins, tissues loosing on the abdominal region, and tissues loosing on the jowl area, making people look younger. This technique started to be used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists and, it is seen that Regenerative Medicine will be improving in the upcoming years. As I mentioned, the reason why the number of surgical face lifting operations is reducing almost to zero is the improvement of Regenerative Medicine. There are many different regenerative techniques used in the form of hyaluronic acid injections, vitamin injections, collagen and flexible fiber treatments preferred by people to look younger; implantation of organic fibers to make the face fresher, and improvements are achieved in the field of facial rejuvenation by means of injections of fat from the abdominal region on the face and, we expect more developments in the upcoming years.

Quick questions:

Your favourite place in Istanbul?

Which neighborhoods in Istanbul are your favorite?

The neighborhoods in Istanbul I love the best are absolutely those near the Bosporus such as Bebek, Kuruçeşme and Arnavutköy, which are the world’s most beautiful places. Therefore, it is one of the biggest chances that you may have in this world is to have something to eat looking at the unique beauty of the Bosporus.

Your favorite food?

Well…. The Turkish cuisine is absolutely my favorite offering beautiful meals I love the most. I may say that eating fish enjoying the perfect scene of the Bosporus is the food I love the best. And it should of course be served with a salad.

A perfect day for you?

A day, during which I have done something useful for humanity, achieved to make people happy, given a day with an added value to those around me, help people wear a smiling face, would be my best day.

Where do you prefer to spend your holidays?

The place where I would prefer to spend my holidays could be any place I could be happy and find peace. I would not be wrong if I say there is no foreign country or city that has left a great impression on me. I believe that Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world, and I love Istanbul very much. And among the cities I like are Prague, Barcelona, Madrid as well as Milano and Venice in Italy.