Ideally located, just 30 kilometres from Bucharest, Snagov Club is a beautiful property, offering great accommodation, gourmet cuisine and outdoor activities: water sports, mini-golf, kayaking and cycling. We had the pleasure to talk to Marius Sucală-Cuc, General Manager, and here is more to find about the location and its great features.

We know that in 2017 and 2018 Snagov Club won the title of ‘Best Luxury Hotel & SPA in Romania’ from Luxury Travel Guide — Europe Awards. What do you think were the key aspects that brought you this awards? 

Winning stories are about team effort, and this is also our case. The awards were won as a result of hard work and involvement of our entire team. We do have a great product, but in order to be able to successfully deliver it, one must have a committed, experienced and passionate team. The key aspect in winning these titles was, of course, our clients satisfaction, and their valuable feedback has lead us to receiving these awards, the first one in 2017 and then, again, in 2018.

How do you see the future of the hospitality industry? Are there any trends that you believe will have a great impact on it?

The industry has changed a lot in the past years and the way I see it, it will still evolve, influenced by the progress in some other connected industries, especially the IT industry. I think technology will still have a great impact in the coming years, but unlike other industries, I believe the human factor will remain very important in the hospitality field. Even though there are already smart hotels, where all services are offered to the guests through robots, apps and automated technology, I think these will still be a niche for some time and human interaction will remain one of the most important aspects of our industry. In my opinion, these days, we are witnessing a change of customers attitude, once they were very keen to have every aspects of their stay technologized, now prefer to have more human interaction as part of their experience.

How about the challenges? How will you face them?

There are a lot of challenges in the industry. Some of them are regional, like the human resource crisis in Eastern Europe area, and especially in Romania, caused by the high migration. Some of them are global, for example the impossibility of hospitality industry to provide flexible working hours or remote working alternatives for their employees, with great impact on younger generation, who wants to make a carrier in  hospitality industry. I think that the best way to handle challenges is to be as flexible as we can, this being the easiest and quickest way to face it and to adapt rapidly.

Please walk us a through a perfect day at Snagov Club.

For our guests, visiting Snagov Club, the first thing I really want them to enjoy is full relaxation, and afterwards, to offer them as much activity as possible. A perfect day at Snagov Club starts with a hot coffee and a delicious breakfast served on the terrace. Then, in summer time, they can relax a couple of hours at the swimming pool or, if it’s winter, at our beautiful Spa. After that, our Chefs will prepare them a delicious gourmet lunch, served near the lake, that will end with champagne and a boat ride on the lake.

Snagov Club is located very close to Bucharest city center, and some of our guests want also to feel the vibe of the city for a couple of hours. At their return, we’ll surprise them with a great dinner served on the pier, completed with a great wine tasting experience. For sports lovers, we offer many activities, including biking, kayaks rentals and water sport activities.

Snagov Club features some interesting restaurants and a beautiful menu. Is there a dish that you are particularly fond of and would recommend trying?

Honestly, I am very pleased with all the dishes and I cannot decide on a particular one. They are all worth trying! We are constantly changing and improving the menu, which is designed taking into consideration a lot of aspects, including seasonality. What I can tell you is that, thanks to the feedback received especially from our guests from abroad, we kept in the menu, all these years, a large variety of traditional Romanian products.