Successful women in business – interview with Andreea Comsa, founder and CEO of Premier Estate Management


The business performances recommended Andreea to be included among the top 30 young professionals under 30 years old by Forbes. The company’s performance under Andreea’s management has been remarked at both national and international level, winning prestigious awards.

Andreea, “Top 30 under 30” – Forbes, 2015, “Top 100 Young Managers” – Business Magazine, 2015, “Top 200 Most Successful Women in Business” – Business Magazine, 2016, these are some of the awards achieved in the last years, how do you manage to achieve a work-life balance? 

After eleven years of experience in the real estate field, I have developed some very helpful time-management skills and also, I have learnt to prioritize the tasks in such manner that I became more efficient during the years.

Furthermore, in my entrepreneurial development, one of the most satisfying achievements has been the ability to create a wonderful team. Since we grew the company together, during the last six years, a great synergy has been created between us. As a result, they can successfully fulfill any working tasks without my personal involvement. I truly believe that in order to make a company grow, one needs to empower and trust the loyal and hard-working people that can bring so much added-value.

What were the biggest milestones of your career? 

Since 2007 when I first started to work in real estate, there have been many challenges. The first one has been to adapt to the crisis impact in 2009 and to approach the business in a different manner, which now I am grateful for because it made me more creative and it also helped me develop in a difficult working environment where I could learn very much.

During the real estate boom, nobody was learning anything, it was just speculation everywhere and absolutely everybody was involved in real estate one way or another. When the crisis came, we remained very few but although it was difficult, the ones who managed to overpass those times, have had an exceptional and most of all, a well-founded growth.

The next important milestone has been the entrepreneurial endeavor which although was related to a field of activity I was very well acquainted with, however, it was a totally different approach.

I am very proud that together with my team, we have managed to sell more than 2.000 apartments in the last 6 years, we have worked with projects in insolvency and our first clients were the major banks in Romania, we have taken the company in the top residential agencies in a very short time without buying any international franchises but most of all, that we created a very good reputation and that nowadays, clients are coming to us based on recommendation, whereas a few years ago we had to work twice as hard just to prove our capabilities.

I can say now that “the new kids on the block” challenge has been the hardest I had to overcome and it took a lot of perseverance, grit, resilience, focus and hard work.

Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents? 

I love to travel and to listen to music. Actually, wherever I travel I take with me the portable Bang&Olufsen speaker so I combine these two hobbies very well. I also love dancing very much probably because I took ballet lesson for six years when I was younger so I never miss a chance on dancing.

What is your favorite place to visit and why? 

My favorite place has been for many years South of France. I love its vibe, the fact that it is very chic, that is hasn’t lost its authenticity, the weather, the sun, everything about it. I also have friends that live there so I can say it makes the experience perfect. Even in January or February when there is a lot of snow in Bucharest, after a direct two hour flight, you can stay at 10-12 degrees in the sun enjoying a fresh fish by the sea.

What is your perfect scenario for a relaxing day?

A relaxing day would be for me a “no schedule” day. Since my daily agenda is planned to the minute, I associate relaxation with the idea of not having to do anything because I have to, but because I choose to.

I love the lazy Sundays when I meet my friends for brunch at noon and we can stay as much as we want because there is no pressure to be somewhere else, no emails to send fast or deadlines. That is relaxation.

If you could have dinner with any famous figure, who would it be and what is the one question you would ask them?

There are many famous people I would be very much interested in what they have to say about many subjects. However, I would not choose somebody from business but maybe someone who can enrich my knowledge and my life perspective. I am a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his theories related to training your mind first of all because they are approached in a scientific manner which resonates with me. It is my strong belief that in the world we all live today, under the pressure, unless we are able to work with ourselves and to balance our inner being, we will miss everything that’s important.

However, if I would want to meet another famous person just to laugh very hard, it would have to be Jerry Seinfeld, I know all his shows by heart.




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