Travel trends may come and go, but they are surely fun to watch and even experience. Lonely Planet released a list of trends that will shape the way we travel in the following year. Some of them might even stand the test of time. We take a look at some of them below:

Escaping the tourist path

More and more people will look for alternatives when it comes to travelling. Yes, there are some landmark destinations in each country, but sooner than later most of the tourist will start looking for alternatives, in order to avoid overcrowded places, waiting in line and running from an attraction point to another. Steering clear of the masses and choosing your destinations wisely will become even more popular and frankly, there are multiple benefits.

The age of virtual reality

Whether you are a fan or not, virtual reality is more and more a part of our everyday lives. With ever-improving headsets, apps and 360-degree content, virtual reality will definitely shape the future of travelling. It is already happening in museum and cultural institutions that have embraced the potential of VR and AR and are bringing artworks to life with the help of technology. Paris, for example, has a pair of VR-enabled telescopes, installed near Pont d’Arcole and Place de la Bastille, from where you can take a look at Paris the day after the 1789 revolution.

Other countries, such as Spain and Greece, let you enjoy a guided walking tour of Seville, Barcelona, Athens or Ephesus with Past View, a pair of smartglasses that superimpose re-creations of historical scenes on the locations where they actually happened.

However, there also some critiques that believe the power of VR to transport people to almost every corner of the world from their home sofa will also have a negative impact on the industry.

Going back to one’s roots

Ancestry exploration has become very popular lately, with the rise of the do-it-yourself DNA kits. More and more people are eager to discover their roots and to travel back to the places where their ancestors had lived. It is an interesting branch of tourism that might become even more popular in 2019.

Road trips go electric

There is no doubt that the electric vehicle revolution has began. The charging stations infrastructure still needs to be developed, but there are more and more people who are willing to take their EVs to the road. Moreover, some of them are even considering car sharing, as a way of giving something back to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, this is a nice way to meet new people, discover interesting life stories and make friends.



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