Nothing compares to a great cup of coffee, enjoyed in an early afternoon, inside a beautiful and inspiring place. We’ve picked some cafes from around the world, that are worth trying. Discover them below:

Koi Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

This cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, was inspired by the colourful koi carp. In fact, on the ground floor of the cafe, there is a big pond where lots of these fishes swim freely.

The space also features an indoor waterfall and a rooftop vegetable patch and works as a whole eco-system. For example, the waste produced by the koi carp is then pumped into a tank on the third floor and transformed into nutrients for the trees growing there.

Cafe Mollien, Paris, France

Cafe Mollien is located in the Denon Wing of the Louvre, and links the Carrousel shopping centre and Tuileries Gardens with the museum and its art collection.

The decor for the place offers a subtle contemporary contrast to the museum surroundings – there are big pink lamps, with brand-like extensions that cast a delicate light on the white chairs and tables edged with brass.

The space features an L-shaped dining room and a wonderful terrace overlooking the Louvre’s Pyramid.

Cafe New York, Budapest, Hungary

This Budapest legend was the meeting place of artists in the early 20th century. Recently renovated, the place maintains a dazzling gilded interior featuring ornate lamps and paintings on the ceiling mixed with contemporary furnishings. The place is connected to the Boscolo Budapest Hotel and welcomes both locals and tourists to enjoy a great cup of coffee and listen to performances by local actors.

Cafe Imperial, Prague, Czech Republic

The late 19th century was a flourishing period for Prague’s café society, leading to the opening of numerous grand cafés in the city. Unfortunately most of them disappeared after WWII, but some of them managed to survive and where now restored to their former glory.

Café Imperial is the greatest example, known as an Art Deco gem now stunningly brought back to life. Its ornate mosaic and tile-covered interior is one of the world’s most incredibly beautiful backdrops for breakfast in the morning, afternoon tea, or to try a selection of Czech dishes.


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