Eleven renowned architects joined the list of designers of the Cure3 cubes that are annualy sold to raise money for the Cure Parkinson Trust (CTP). The event takes place at Bonhams, in London.

Each of the works is priced at £6,000 and it offers not only the opportunity to own a designer piece of art, but it also shows support towards a worthy cause.

Among the participating architects are Ivan Harbour, Nicholas Grimshaw or Michael Hopkins. They join a list of over 82 participants, both emerging and established artists such as Carmen Herrera, Mat Collishaw, Peter Blake and Anish Kapoor,  that are each priced differently.

Cure3 Cube design by Foster + Partners, 2018

One of the Cure3 cubes for auction include this one by Spencer de Grey of Foster + Partners

The charity CPT, which supports people living with Parkinson’s and offers funding for pioneering research into new treatments with the aim to find a cure, was co-founded by Tom Isaacs in 2005. Tom himself lived an inspirational life with Parkinson’s and was devoted to the work of the charity. Isaacs described living with Parkinson’s as like feeling ‘boxed in’, a phrase that sparked the cubed concept of the Cure3 project. This year’s edition, Cure3 2018, is dedicated to his memory. Michael Hopkins’ design for the Cure3 cube 2018

Architect Michael Hopkins’ design for the Cure3 cube up for auction in October

The project is led by Artwise, the team behind the RCA Secret Postcard charity exhibition and auction, who designed the 20 sq cm perspex box that the artists and architects use as a canvas for their designs. The unique cubes are on view at Bonhams London from 26 to 28 October, and sales of the cubes open online on 26 October.


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