Spain is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It’s cities are filled with historical sites, breath-taking architecture and picturesque streets. World-class restaurants and local bars are located around each corner and there are numerous events and festivals that you can choose from. To celebrate the beauty of this country, we’ve put together a list of cities to visit, an alternative to classic destinations such as Barcelona or Madrid.


spain zaragoza

Zaragoza’s main landmark is the Basilica del Pilar. This architectural gem rises above the waters of Rio Ebro and offer spectaculars views of the city. On the streets of the fifth largest city in Spain you will also find ancient Roman remains and many art galleries with fantastic pieces – Zaragoza is Goya’s place of birth, so expect to see some masterpieces inside the museums. Great tapas and local wines complete the picture, making Zaragoza a place worth visiting.


Córdoba is known for the stunning Mezquita, a mosque who’s amazing architecture will take your breath away. It is located in the middle of the historic part of Córdoba, a place where you can find lots of other historic sites and monuments. The winding streets of the city are perfect for a nice walk and there are also plenty of choices when it comes to bars and restaurants. However you choose to spend you time, you will definitely fall in love with this city, that was once the largest one in Western Europe.


If there is a word that best describes Granada, then it must be “spectacular”. The enchanting Alhambra, the breathtaking palace fortress that once housed the Moorish rulers and the lovely Islamic architecture are without a doubt some of the main highlights of this city. The city center is filled with impressive churches and the old Arab quarter is a particular delight because of its alluring alleys. Make sure to add Granada to your list of cities to visit – you won’t regret it.


Seville is known for its Gothic cathedral that lies in the center of its picturesque historic center. It is the perfect mix between old and new – it has great bars, clubs and restaurants and it’s especially fun to visit during the Feria de Abril and the Semana Santa festivals.

The capital of Andalusia has lots of places to explore – from churches and palaces, to the medieval Jewish quarter and the city streets, Seville has a rich cultural heritage and Moorish influences, that will truly enchant you.

A Coruna

Located on the coast of Galicia, A Coruna is a port city with numerous beaches to explore. There are numerous fine dining options, the nightlife is lively and the commercial center is a well developed one. Surrounding A Coruna are some pleasant walks and cultural attractions for you to discover.


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