Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has unveiled an all-electric, self-driving vehicle that can double up as a mobile office, bedroom or living room.

The car brand revealed its 360c concept vehicle, designed to give a new meaning to the balance between life and work.

The concept car allows passengers to make the most out of their commute time, by squeezing in some extra minutes of shut-eye, catching up on work, or meeting up with friends and family while in transit.

Without an engine or steering wheel, due to level five autonomy that requires zero driver input, the vehicle is left with the maximum amount of interior space.

The sleek, modular interior can be configured in four different ways to cater to the passengers’ varying needs while travelling.

Several spacious seats and a table allow the cabin to become a mobile office, a living room or an entertainment space, while a fold away bed can convert the car into a comfortable sleeping environment.

There is also included storage space for luggage, clothes, food and bedding.

Volvo's 360c concept condenses the home into the car


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