Enjoying a dinner made of fresh ingredients is even better in a sustainable and nature friendly place. Overtreders W designed just that for the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands – a pop-up zero waste restaurant built from borrowed materials.

Named Brasserie 2050, the restaurant imagines a menu designed to fit the scenario where by 2050, over 10 billion people will need to be fed. It includes no waste bread baked from potato peelings and pesto made from kitchen leftovers.

Creating no waste, the temporary structure, resembling a barn, was designed to have no ecological footprint to demonstrate what closed loop architecture can look like. Standard pallet racks were used to form most of the long rectangular building and vertical farming cabinets planted with herb boxes formed the open facade of the pavilion.

Bunches of wheat, corn, onions and garlic were suspended from the rafters as decoration above trestle tables and benches made from recycled plastic.


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