Opel is giving a preview of the exciting future of the brand with a new Brand Concept. Its name: the Opel GT X Experimental – a bold, 4.06-metre, 5-door, all-electric compact SUV with coupé appeal and brimming with innovative ideas. The GT X Experimental embodies Opel’s values and vision along with providing a glimpse of what the future holds for Opel models.

The company had already announced that it would further sharpen its profile during the presentation of the strategic PACE! plan last November. The GT X Experimental is the first tangible result of this process.

Opel GT X Experimental
2018 Opel GT X Experimental
Opel GT X Experimental
2018 Opel GT X Experimental

Opel design chief Mark Adams said designers questioned every common function and every module of a car to give it a “visual detox” by removing all unnecessary design elements with the aim of achieving purity of design. The concept “combines a pure and bold design execution with progressive technology,” he said.

Opel chose to preview its new styling in an SUV because of the growing demand for such vehicles. In fact, by 2020, the company expects 40 percent of all cars it sells to be SUVs.

The concept’s full-electric drivetrain also highlights Opel’s plans to offer electrified versions of all its product lines by 2024.

The GT X Experimental is built on a lightweight architecture with power delivered by a 50-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery with inductive charging and has a 450 km range.

The concept has Level 3 autonomous driving functions, meaning it can handle all aspects of driving but the driver must be able to respond to a request to intervene, Opel said.


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