Burberry is undergoing some major changes. The fashion brand collaborated with British graphic designer Peter Saville to developed a new graphic identity. 

After working closely with the British fashion house’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci, Saville has designed a new logo, and a monogram that spells out TB – an allusion to the founder of the brand, Thomas Burberry.

The monogram is not the only change. The two of them also designed a new logo for the company, using a different font than the original one. The Burberry Equestrian Knight logo, with its classic Bodoni font, which had been used by the company since 1901, will be replaced with a sans serif font.

Saville linked the change to Burberry’s need for a more fluid identity, one that would allow the brand to reach all categories that big luxury brands are required to reach nowadays.

The new TB monogram will appear both on its own or as a repeating pattern. Tessellated, the interlinked T and B echoes the brand’s famous nova check.

Burberry announced the news via its Instagram page, and will now be featured across its channels and in its advertising campaigns.


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