Located in the heart of the Mediterranean’s undisputed capital of glamorous parties, ME Ibiza enjoys an almost private feel, perfect for those who want to the dance the night away, but also enjoy some relaxation time.

We discussed with Adam Munday, the hotel’s General Manager, about the Ibiza experience and the best that island has to offer.

Please tell us a few words about your career.  How did it all begin?

Adam Munday: I began working in a local hotel close to my house from the age of 16, I then decided to study and work in hotels at the same time, I qualified in business and finance administration whilst working. I progressed from a trainee to events manager in 4 years running events for over 1000 people. From then I have experienced all types of hotel sin various locations, at the age of 25 I became a General Manager of my first hotel in the UK.

“I think your life is influenced so much by the people you meet. I am lucky to be on an island that has so much diversity.”

What is the most challenging thing about being a General Manager?

A.M.: Finding the right balance, also time…the day always ends so quick.  I always want to make myself available to my team, to help, support and answer questions, this is difficult and the one thing that frustrates me.


What do you enjoy the most about your job?

A.M.: The people, my team, my guests, the island. I think your life is influenced so much by the people you meet. I am lucky to be on an island that has so much diversity.

What has been the most memorable part of your experience?

A.M.: In my career I guess being awarded ´one of the most promising people under 30 year olds in UK hospitality in 2005´ and now being the General Manger of the ME Ibiza a Leading hotel of the world is most definitely a highlight.

What is the best thing about working in Ibiza?

A.M.: The simple answer would be the sun and the sea but for me the most interesting part is the people, the culture and this indescribable VIBE that people talk about, the

energy, the passion and the desire to live life to maximum. I can’t wait to explore the island more.

What would you say is a must if you are visiting Ibiza?

A.M.: Cala Escondida for an amazing sunset, I enjoy Amante for a romantic dinner with my wife, Santa Gertrudis for a relaxing local coffee, Atlantis for a great hike to clear your head after an amazing night out in Dalt Vila walking the streets taking in some local food and wine.


What is the biggest highlight of the ME Ibiza Hotel and what sets it apart?

A.M.: Firstly, the location and view from the rooftop, it is simply spectacular. Also, the Angel Leon restaurant serving some amazing fish dishes in the high season, my personal favorite is when you arrive to the hotel and see the view to the pool and sea. You must check out some of our suites too, Santa Eulalia also is worth highlighted, a beautiful town by the sea.

From a business standpoint, what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry in the next 5 to 10 years?

A.M.: Technology and keeping up with the trends, hotels used to be the place you went to experience better than your home but now people have the latest technology, TV and music systems in their hands. I also think being able to make yourself standout against the competition. For me it is always about the people, making sure you have the best team possible to deliver awesome experiences.




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