The 25th of July marked the official launch of Rhapsody Magazine’s Summer edition, an exclusive event from the Luxury meets Luxury series. In a beautiful setting at The Gallery Lounge – Pescariu Club, overseeing the city skyline at sunset, guests were entertained with live music, fine drinks and Hors d’oeuvre and a live fashion show.

The new edition of the Rhapsody Magazine includes a number of exclusive interviews, with people whose stories are worth to be told, whether they had the courage to follow their dreams or see potential where others couldn’t, and it brings their readers along on a beautiful journey through amazing destinations all around the world.

rhapsody magazine

The launching party started with a live jazz & bossa nova moment by Roxana Marisca that put the guests into a distinctive mood and set the tone for the evening.

roxana marisca_rhapsody magazine

Shortly after, Tudor Tailor and Etelle took the stage for a special fashion show that featured unique men costumes, executed by the highest standards and elegant gowns combining lace, silk and precious embroidery.

The evening ended with a special violin moment by Amadeea Violin, a mix of instrumental music in harmony with the beats of the DJ.

One of the event highlights was also the presence of a bespoke model of Gulfstream’s G650 aircraft – the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest range and most technologically advanced jet built by Gulfstream, the main private jet producer worldwide. The guests also had the possibility to see the whole range of Gulfstream aircraft in action on two big screens that projected special clips from the air and from the inside of the private jets, putting everyone in a vacation mood. Among the fleet was also the new Gulfstream G500, a new era of flight and a landmark of ultramodern aviation, recognized for its award-winning innovation,that managed to achieve 22 world record city pairs.

gulfstream_rhapsody magazine party

rhapsody magazine_lamborghini urus 

Throughout the evening, the guests could also admire three exclusive models  from the luxury automotive brands Bentley and Lamborghini – Bentley Continental GTC, Bentley Bentayga V8 and Lamborghini Urus. The world’s first Super SUV – Urus – is a high-performance luxury car, equally suitable for short rides in the city, long journeys and off-road adventures, while Bentley’s two models are true statement cars, featuring the perfect mix of luxury, craftsmanship, high-end technologies, comfort, power and agility.

Event partners: Gulfstream, Bentley, Lamborghini, Luc Belaire, Lacerta Winery, Leonidas, Private Jets Europe, Private Luxury Travel.

 The event was organized by Idea Events.


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