Tudor. Personal Tailor is a fashion label dedicated to men, of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship, a custom-made concept reinvented in a perfect synchronization of the English tailoring along with a dynamic bond to the everyday customer’s needs. We discussed with Alin Copindeanu, co-founder and CEO, about the beginnings of Tudor Tailor, the brand’s name origin and future plans.

How did it all begin?

Alin Copindeanu: The idea came to life after a trip to UK, in London. I met someone who was developing a similar type of business there and I thought this could be a good opportunity to bring the concept to Romania as well, on an emergent market, in need of a brand that would reinvent traditional tailoring.

Is there a story behind the name of your brand?

A.C.: Although it seems like a Romanian name, Tudor is inspired by the Tudor Dynasty that ruled England and was chosen because it’s easy to pronounce in all languages.

Tudor Tailor Don't be a suit

What is, in your opinion, the key to creating an authentic brand?

A.C.: The key to creating an authentic brand stands in creating value for all those involved – from tailors, whose fine mark touches every creation, to the final customer. We take pride in offering our clients personalized services and the slogan “Our client, our priority” is one of our guidelines. In the end, our goal is not just to sale suits, but to create a relationship with our customers.

Please walk us through the process of creating a suit? Where does it all begin?

A.C.:  A Tudor Tailor costume is a unique piece, adapted through a made to fit tailoring for each client, so that it will compliment him perfectly.

It all starts with the measuring process, which takes around 30 minutes. In this time, a Tudor Tailor consultant will suggest what materials options suit one best – we work with renowned producers from Italy, UK and France to offer an exceptional quality of materials. After choosing the material and the cut, in almost 4 weeks you will have your suit ready for the final adjustments, if necessary.

Tudor Tailor Don't be a suit

Recently we had the chance to catch a glimpse of your new Summer Collection. Please tell us about its main features.

A.C.: The new Summer Collection is dedicated to the original, creative and confident man. Since he is the one that really matters, we have created for him a line of lightweight suits, that follow the line of the body and that are made of wrinkle resistant and stain proof fabrics.

We put lightness and comfort first and the name is a subtle hint to this collection’s philosophy: “Don’t be a suit”.

Tudor Tailor Don't be a suit

What’s next for Tudor Tailor?

A.C.: We are very glad to announce that TUDOR TAILOR is  ready now to be on the international elegance map and we will proudly compete with the big brands globally.


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