Electric mobility is surely the key for a sustainable urban development. We know that automobile producers have gone the extra mile to deliver the best electric driving experience, but what about electric motorcycles manufacturers?

Italian Volt, for example, chose to mix luxury and scarcity with sustainability, creating therefore the perfect advantage. Meet their new electric motorcycle – Lacama.

The company was founded by two friends, Nicola Colombo and Valerio Fumagalli, after completing a 12, 379 km electric motorcycle journey from Shanghai to Milan. During their trip, the two of them thought about how they could design a premium quality electric motorcycle, without sacrificing anything in the process.

Four years laters, the Lacama premium electric motorcycle was released, with performances that place it on top of the electric motorcycles list. The top speed reaches 180 km/h, with a maximum power of 70 kW.

The motorcycle features a larger battery than most other competitors on the market, supposed to last through 2,000 charge cycles.


What also makes Lacama stand out from other electric motorcycles out there, is the high degree of customization.

Pre-orders are now open with delivery anticipated by the end of 2018. The reservation and customization price is around $250 and the overall cost rises up to $38,000.



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