Île d’Or

Île d’Or

The smallest of the secret islands, Île d’Or was named after the castle that glows like gold in the sun. Until the 19th century, L’Ile d’Or was just a small rocky island like many others along the coast in the region. However, in 1897, an architect of the Dramont, named Léon Sergent, bought it for only 280 francs (about €36). A few years later, Sergent gambled the island away and the Doctor Auguste Lutaud became its new owner.

He declared himself “August the 1st”, sovereign of the island and he had the red rock tower built according to the unusual Sarasin architecture.

The island became popular for sumptuous receptions. Today, it remains private property and landing by boat is forbidden.

Port Cros

Port Cros

If you decide to explore Port Crost, you must know that cars or bikes are forbidden on the island. Almost 22 miles of hiking trails lead through woods to translucent seas, so make sure to wear suitable shoes.

The island was originally known as Messea (Middle Island) to the ancient Greeks. Its present name derives from the small port on the island, which is cross-shaped. The island was donated to the French government with the promise that a national park, the Port-Cros National Park, would be created on the island. This was established on 14 December 1963.

Here you an enjoy a handful of very shabby chic restaurants, not to mention the breathtaking views.



Cavallo has a long history, beginning when Ancient Rome sent prisoners there to cut granite for monuments. The island was abandoned during Augustus’ empire, and remained uninhabited until a sheep and goat-herder located there in 1800. The deep sea surrounding the island hid dangerous obstacles for navigators, earning the island the nickname “The Cursed Siren.”

Since it is almost impossible to be found on a map, this island had become the perfect retreat for celebrities. You can either choose to experience all the beauty that the island has to offer or you can simply pass the island from your yacht and enjoy a platter of fresh sushi provided by the hotel island Les Pêcheurs.

Île Degaby

île degaby

Degaby Island is ideall placed in the bay of Marseille. In 1703, this place used to be Louis XIV’s fortress. Its modern history began in 1960s, when businessman Monsieur Boursier tried to create an island nightclub linked by a 200 metre funicular to the mainland.

The project was abandoned and so was the island, for decades. Nowadays, the hip hotel C2 created here one of France’s most appreciated beach club.


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