The start of a new year is the perfect time to make plans, set goals and start thinking about where you will travel in the following months. We have selected 12 amazing destinations around the world, that will leave you feeling revitalised, relaxed and happy.

January: Detox and relax in Thailand

Any trip in Thailand is sure to be a serene and rejuvenating one, especially if you choose a resort that puts relaxation at the top. Yoga at sunrise on secluded beaches or among ancient temples, Thai massages and traditional healing sessions, tropical surroundings and delicious foods are just some of the highlights of such a vacation.

“Thailand is BEST KNOWN for ITS tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha”

February: Sun bathing in Maldive

By February, we all want to escape the winter blues and transport ourselves on a beautiful beach, with warm waters and lots of greeneries. Maldive perfectly fits the description, with its luxurious retreats, exclusive wellness centres and spas and a variety of outdoor activities. If you are into water sports, you can go diving or surfing or you can enjoy an hour of meditation in the open-air.

March: Sailing in Vietnam

There is no better time to travel to Vientam than in March. This time of the year, the humidity goes away and the sunshine is more beautiful than ever.

Explore the ancient pagodas in Hanoi, the capital city, sail on one of the many rivers that crosses the country and be sure not to miss the Chu Dong Tu festival, which takes place in March in the Khoai Chau district. Beautifully embroidered dragons and paper creatures fill the streets bringing ancient stories to life.


April: Cherry fantasy in Tokio

April is the month when all cherry trees blossom in Tokyo. During the years, this has become a significant event, with plenty of dedicated festivals and numerous tourists from all over the world gathering to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

Parks across the city are filled with thousands of cherry trees, that will take on a sensory trip like no other. Once the flowers start to fall, the rivers turn pink, making the entire scenery seem cut out of a fairy-tale.

“The Japanese cherry blossom, or sakura, is regarded as a symbol of renewal, vitality, and beauty.”

May: Luxury in Monaco

May is the perfect month to visit Monaco. During this time of the year, the Grand Prix takes over the town, so the best hotels in town are packed with special guests. World’s best chefs arrive in Monaco and Michelin Star restaurants compete in preparing the finest courses.

You can spend your night in one of Monte Carlo’s famous casinos, rent a luxury convertible or take a nice stroll through the port, for breath-taking views.



June: The red wines of Bordeaux, France


In June, Bordeaux comes to life under the summer sun. Most of the château wineries are open for tastings. La Cité du Vin debuts on the banks of the Garonne River, a $90 million wine museum, whose interactive exhibits make it worth visiting. Vineyard tours and private villas will complete such an amazing trip.


July: Kaua’i, the best island in Hawaii

By the middle of the summer, it’s time to indulge into a proper vacation by the beach. Kaua’i, the oldest and most exquisite of all the Hawaiian Islands is the perfect destination. With breath taking sceneries, warm atmosphere and crystal-clear waters, this island is sure to be remembered.

August: Under the sun of Provence

There is nothing like a summer in Provence. By this time of the year, lavender crops are in full bloom and the scenery is like no other. The unique fragrance that lingers in the air, the cobbled streets and violet sunsets are just a small part of what this beautiful destination has to offer.


September: Cruise in the Mediterranean

Before leaves start turning brown, you can still have the chance to enjoy the last bits of


summer. To make the most out of the sunny days left, choose to go on a cruise in the


Mediterranean, where the deep blue waters and gentle breezes will leave you breathless. You can stop in Italian, Turkish or Greece ports, to enjoy traditional cuisine and wander along with the locals.

October: Wandering on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark

As the days go shorter and the leaves begin to coat the sidewalks, it’s time to enjoy a beautiful city, like Copenhagen. The city bursts with colours, the streets smell like winter and the waters are still calm. It’s the perfect time of the year to visit your favourite museum, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the beautiful scenery.

Dramatic sunset on the famous tourist area of Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Denmark.

November: Winter in Courchevel 1850, France

Courchevel is the winter home of glamour. If you love winter sports, this is the perfect destination. Besides the numerous tracks, here you can also find Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury chalets and glamorous locations. Just what it takes to get into a festive mood.

December: Celebration in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is know to have the best fireworks in the world. You can make sure that you have the best spot to enjoy the show, by renting a boat in the harbour. What better way to end a successful year, than this?


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